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Order Guideline

Order Steps: (for the newbie for online shopping):

Dear Customers: for placing the order correctly and exactly, please read the following tips impatiently thanks.
1). Sign Up an new account --> Sign in
2). Brower the clothes-->Select the items, Click ”Add to Cart”--> Click”Add more” -->Select other Items
3). At the status of signed in, you can click the shopping cart icon to check all the item your added, and you can click “Add more” to add more items to your shopping cart.
Or you can click the button of “Check Out” to fill in your consignee information:
Fill in the consignee , select the payment and shipping methods
Payee information should be sent to us once you select MoneyGram or Western Union to Pay.
Consignee information are the consignee name, address, telephone number and postal code.
The Consignee address must be correct, wrong consignee address can’t be delivered
The Consignee address must be in detail such as: Room, Street, District, City, State, Country.
If the package can’t arrive by wrong consignee information we won’t charge for it.
Please select the shipping method, and payment methods, to learn which payment and shipping R.J.Story offer please read follow page:
4). According to your order value including the shipping and total good’s price to make the payment.(PayPal, Western Union, Money Gram, Alipay are available)
5)After your cleared payment, if use PayPal to pay, the system will update your order as “paid” it means we received your money and start to prepare your order. If you use other payment methods please send your payment information to
6). After the payment, please to be impatient to wait us to ship your order out, for most orders we received your cleared before 5:00 pm (GMT 8:00 Beijing Time Zone) we will ship your order at the same day. As normal, for Express, 7 days around can arrive, for most main countries in the world. For Air Mail 15 working days to main countries 30 days to other small countries due to the airline’s lacking.
7). We are no min order wholesale site, you can order in any quantity, even from 1 piece. And if you want to get the price lower, should follow our discount policy. Thanks.

Detailed Measurement for Adult Clothes

(1) Tops
1. Size = (x)
2. Shoulder width = (x) cm
3. Sleeve length = (x) cm
4. Bust = (x) cm
5. Hem/Lap width = (x) cm

6. Total length = (x) cm

(2) Pants / Denims
1. Size = (x)
2. Waist = (x) cm
3. Length between waist & hips = (x) cm
4. Hips = (x) cm
5. Hem Width = (x) cm
6. Total length = (x) cm
(3) Coat (Anchor)
1. Size = (x)
2. Bust = (x) cm
3. Length = (x) cm
(4) Skirts (Anchor)
1. Size = (x)
2. Waist = (x) cm
3. Hips = (x) cm

4. Total length = (x) cm

(5) Dress
1. Size = (x)
2. (a) Shoulder = (x) cm
3. (b) Bust = (x) cm
4. (c) Waist = (x) cm
5. (d) Hips = (x) cm
6. (e) Total length = (x) cm
l Body Measurement
1. Height = (x) cm
2. Bust = (x) cm
3. Under Bust = (x) m
4. Waist = (x) m

5. Hips = (x) cm