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Stacked Pants/ Stacked leggings/ Stacked Jeans

What is stacked pants? It refers to the excess fabric left at the trousers and stacke to the shoes, although it was previously regarded as a sign of laziness and hip-hop. But fashion always change. Stacked leggings are now sought after by many women because they are leggins can show the curves of the hips and legs that girls are proud of, and the stacked fabric of the trousers makes the leggings no longer monotonous, more layered, more energetic and individual. Stacked jeans and sweatpants are the best-selling styles.


A top with a hollow shoulder bust and a stacked jeans womens is top your style for your outing. When party with friends, a white tight T-shirt match black stacked leggings can show your sexy figure. If you are going to exercise, then stacked sweatpants womens is your first choice. Explore more varieties of more colors, please visit our website.

Are you excited? We provide all kinds of stacked pants outfits, and they are sold at wholesale prices. You can also enjoy additional discounts by downloading the APP. If you are a leggings lover, stacked leggings are your best choice.

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