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1What Is Wholesale7 VIP System ?

Wholesale7 New member system will be updated on October 4th 2018.

The new versions will provide more benefit and personalized service to our loyal customer .

2What are Privileges For VIP ?

The higher your membership Level, the more privileges you can enjoy!

3Wholesale Discount

Wholesale7 reserved the right of final explanation


  • Q1 : How will the current customers' VIP level change ?

    All the current wholesle7 members will be arranged to the corresponding VIP level based on your Rating Points.

  • Q2 : Can I upgrade from Level VIP1 to VIP3 at the same time ?

    Sorry , one time just can upgrade 1 Level .

  • Q3 : Once I upgrade , how long can I enjoy the privilege ?

    Validity of privilege is 6 Months since the date you upgrade .

  • Q4 : How to upgrade my VIP Level ?

    The VIP level is based on your spending amount within 6 months .

    Sales amount over 500 USD , can upgrade from VIP0-VIP1

    Sales amount over 3000 USD , can upgrade from VIP1-VIP2

    Sales amount over 6000 USD , can upgrade from VIP2-VIP3

  • Q5 : Will I lose my privilege if my sales amount do not meet the above stipulation during the 6 months ?

    Yes . For example , I upgrade to VIP3 Level on October 1st 2018 ,

    Then my Validity of privilege is from October 1st 2018 to March 31st 2019 .

    Level remain VIP3 if sales amount equal or greater than 6000 USD

    Degrade from VIP3 to VIP2 if sales amount over 3000 USD but less than 6000 USD

    Degrade from VIP3 to VIP1 if sales amount over 500 USD but less than 3000 USD

    Degrade from VIP3 to VIP0 if sales amount less than 500 USD





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