3 Essential Denim Items Every Gal Must Have For Fall

3 Essential Denim Items Every Gal Must Have For Fall

Since we are speaking of denim, you should know that the denim is a basic staple in everyone’s (both girls and boys) wardrobe in all seasons. Vogue issues a denim feature every year and even hosts a denim party per year. From high fashion to street style, denim styles are everywhere. They’ll never go out of style and always have a place in the annual trend report. Let’s see how to wear it this fall.

#1. Denim Jeans

The pop retro style is American retro this year and the most common item for American retro is denim jeans, including straight-leg jeans, ankle-length flares, wide-leg jeans, etc. Vogue has posted that there is something different this year – loose, full-length jeans in straight or softly flared design. Not only they can cover your ankle but they are long enough to hide your heels (see Jane Birkin & Kate Moss). You can pair jeans with blouses, blazers, T-shirts, or printed shirts for retro style.

#2. Denim Shirts

It is very stylish to wear denim shirts casually. Denim shirts are a perfect fit for a casual, chic fall. The style of denim shirts has been barely changed so that you can wear one for a long time because of its classic design. Denim shirts are best suited for matching jeans to style an all-denim look. Or pair with white or red bottoms. Or wear a denim shirt as a coat while layering a T-shirt for fall.

#3. Denim Jackets

Denim jackets are the most worthwhile item to transition your summer wardrobe into fall. They can match most clothes in your closet. The fabric of the denim jacket is generally stiff, which is very youthful and energetic. It is perfect for oversize denim jackets with shorts and skirts in pre-fall days. In the meanwhile, denim jackets and floral dresses are also a great partner. White T-shirts or crop tops and stripes will never go wrong with denim jackets. Denim jackets are so good in so many ways.

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