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Barbiecore: The Fashion Trend Inspired by Barbie Movies

Barbie Movie couldn’t have jumped faster. Barbie surpassed $775 million at the global box office in just 2 weekends – scary, what kind of trend is that, favorite?

At this rate, the female-driven film starring Margot Robbie and inspired by Mattel’s iconic fashion doll could join the billion-dollar club at the global box office next week. It would be the first Hollywood movie in history directed by a woman alone to top $1 billion at the box office, and would be the second film in 2023 to join that billion-dollar club.
UPDATE: As of August 6th, the Barbie movie has surpassed a billion dollars at the box office.

mash-ups of Barbie’s pink fantasia with Oppenheimer
mash-ups of Barbie’s pink fantasia with Oppenheimer. Era Nuclear Explosions

In addition to the box office success of the Barbie movie, there was also the “Oppenheimer” movie, which was a huge success at the box office. In Japan, however, the Warner subsidiary criticized the headquarters for not being sensitive enough to the promotion of these two films. The Japanese, outraged by this festive fusion in the U.S. that included a double feature of “Babenheimer” and online mashups of Barbie’s pink fantasies with images of nuclear explosions from the Oppenheimer era – the official “Barbie” movie account responded with a fan-made image depicting a fluffy Barbie doll with an atomic bomb with the comment, “This Ken is a stylist.” In another photo, it replied with a kissy-face emoji to a movie poster showing Barbie and the father of the atomic bomb, Robert Oppenheimer, posing against the backdrop of a nuclear explosion. photographed against the backdrop of a nuclear explosion. “This is going to be a summer to remember. “ Note: The reply has been deleted.

So in recent days, Japanese users of Twitter have been posting #NoBarbenheimer, #BarbieNoKen hashtags. Hundreds of thousands of people died because of World War II, when the U.S. conducted nuclear explosions in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan.

Regardless, the Barbies movie has caused a new wave of Barbie pink, with sweet pink outfits going viral on TikTok, triggering a 400+% increase in searches for pink clothing. Barbiecore is once again the fashion theme for 2023, and there’s no denying that Barbiecore’s brand image is feminine and very, very pink, and its style is bright and sweet.

Barbie of celebrity fashion figures of the early aughts
Barbie of celebrity fashion figures of the early aughts. Getty Images

Why is Barbiecore so popular today?

Barbiecore as we know it began with the rise of early celebrity fashion figures such as Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie and Britney Spears, whose outfits were carefully covered by the tabloids and were very feminine, often pink or sparkly, Lisby said. At the end of the last century, pop stars were instrumental in driving the trend, from Ariana Grande’s ultra-feminine style, which can be traced back to Barbie, to rapper Nicki Minaj, who since 2010 has been known as “the Harajuku Barbie” (the Harajuku Barbie) through her alter ego. the Harajuku Barbie) since 2010.

Due to the length of the COVID epidemic, people are more or less depressed, moody and sullen. With the new crown over, Barbiecore’s bright colors can be worn to bring joy or make you feel good about your outfit, and this “dopamine dressing” trend is the result of people’s desire to be comfortable – to take the edge off of that heavy moment. With that in mind, Barbiecore’s fun appeal has made Barbiecore very popular and growing.

Barbiecore is a trend that everyone can get involved in to some extent, it’s pretty, hot pink and not too complicated. Hot pink is a bold color that is available at all price points. It’s a much more approachable trend to participate in than quieter luxuries.

See what influencers are posting about Barbiecore from all the major social media platforms, with reviews and aesthetics that stretch from pink to watermelon, electric blue, bubblegum, and tacky fuchsia. And then the details are: pink bows, rippled trim, piles of tulle, glittery sequins, neon tights, and beckoning heels. Thick curls, sleek ponytails or colorful extensions, soft eyeshadow, fluttery lashes, and vibrant pink lips to reflect Barbie’s signature beauty.

Barbiecore is in! Get all dolled up!

Considering the buzz this movie Barbie (2023) film has created and the recent Barbie nuclear frenzy, it’s sure to inspire tons of Halloween costumes as well. Stay ahead of this Halloween trend and dress up as the once-popular doll.

a group of friends dressed up to Barbie for a July 20 show the AMC movie theater
a group of friends dressed up to Barbie for a July 20 show the AMC movie theater. Getty Images

See some of the prominent messages about Barbiecore on Reddit: “Bright pink pea oat I’ve had since 2010 and wear regularly. But this year I got compliments on it instead of the usual “that’s an interesting coat” comment.”

“I have a bright pink coat that’s fitted through the body and flairs like a skirt below the waist. I love it so much.”

“That’s crazy, I’ve had a bright pink coat for years and have always gotten compliments on it.”

“I’m dressing up inspired by the Black Enchantment outfit from Barbie’s Silkstone line! it was the first barbie set i bought for myself and i’ve always wanted to dress like that. now I have a reason!”

Do you guys like this aesthetic? I’m really into this aesthetic and would love to leave a comment to see what looks you guys are planning or have worn!




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