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How To Wear A Chic Coin Necklace Like Fashion Bloggers

Coin necklaces have become so popular this summer that we can’t miss them out. The special pendant necklaces are mysterious and ancient. Recently, the photos of fashion bloggers make an illusion that they have a lot of clothes but only one necklace, especially Lucy Williams. She wore almost every look with the same gold coin necklace.

Coin necklaces are definitely the most popular accessory in fashion this summer. They are ideal for retro style and French chic. Almost every fashion blogger is obsessed with them because they are so easy-matching.

Spaghetti Strap

Choose as thin a gold chain as possible for a coin necklace. Coin necklaces are paired with spaghetti strap tops, which will be chic even on weekends.


I believe that there is always a T-Shirt in your wardrobe – it is every girls’ wardrobe staple. Coin necklaces are the perfect fit for your simple T-Shirt, and they can upgrade your look. Regardless of white T-Shirts or black T-Shirts, coin necklaces can help them achieve high fashion.

Deep V-neck

French fashion bloggers wear wrap dresses with a coin necklace around their necks, from Jeanne Damas to Anne-Laure Mais. This is an essential item of French style. Beyond that, coin necklaces can pair with a V-neck suit.


The new outfit inspiration this summer is to wear a sexy and chic swimsuit and a coin necklace.

Layer the Necklaces

Apart from a single coin necklace, stacking necklace is also well-liked. The length of each piece should be different, so as to the distance can be stretched as much as possible, and it is not easy to knot.

Coin necklaces, undoubtfully, are taking over the fashion world, and they are going to be everywhere. Are you fond of such easy-matching and distinctive coin necklaces?


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