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Top 10 Best Japanese Wholesale Clothing Online Websites

The Japanese dress style has become one of the most followed fashion trends, encouraging retailers to open more and more online sales stores around the world. It is becoming easier and easier to buy typical Japanese clothes without leaving home.

Garments and accessories that come directly from the Asian country through the best known Japanese fashion brands or small online stores that import more special Asian clothing items such as kimonos or traditional Japanese clothing.

Are you also a lover of Japanese urban clothing and fashion in general? Discover which are the best Japanese wholesale clothing online websites right now!

Top 10 Best Japanese Wholesale Clothing Online Sites


This Japanese store is best known for its low prices today. Little by little, it has begun to take over the low-cost clothing market in the vast majority of countries in the world, although for a long time, it has sold online to any corner, even where they still do not have physical stores.

Not only does it have all kinds of cheap clothing for men, women, and children, it also features incredible quality. This Japanese store has basic garments and a more special seasonal collection, so it is advisable to visit the web occasionally to see its sales and offers.



Wholesale7 is another very good option to buy wholesale clothing if you are looking to buy wholesale clothing for women, men, and children with Japanese styles. Its products are distributed in an immense number of categories and with daring and current designs.

As for women’s clothing, on the page, you can find many types of dresses: animal print, fabric, velvet, evening, party, bridal, short, two-piece, for special occasions, etc. You can also find Olympics Apparel here.

You can pay with PayPal (recommended), Visa, Visa Electron, and MasterCard. The store offers different types of shipping for each country, which also have different times and costs (although it is the same method) depending on the country.


Yukisale is an online store known for being the largest distributor of very cheap Japanese clothing. In recent years it has become one of the best online Asian clothing stores, becoming known for its prices and the security of purchase it offers.

There are many Japanese fashion brands that you will find here. You just have to take a look at their extensive clothing catalog and get your favorites.

This Japanese online store distributes directly to your home with free shipping costs worldwide from a certain amount of money. And also, an extra 10% discount on your first order.


This Tokyo-based wholesale exporter is known for selling second-hand Japanese-style clothing, although you can find other styles as well. It is one of the cheapest clothing stores that work with such a specific and original fashion style.

BarryCorp offers clothes to wear every day, like Japanese lolita or simpler clothes with an adorable touch, but when brought directly from Japan, the prices are not high as in other stores. They distribute worldwide, with free shipping depending on your purchase.

They also offer exchanges and returns, and payments with a secure platform with varied options for your convenience. If you don’t know where to buy Japanese clothes, take a look here at this recommended online store.

Super Delivery

This platform offers Japanese wholesale clothing manufacturers and is considered one of the best Japanese stores to buy online all kinds of clothes and accessories of Asian origin. They have all kinds of shoes, accessories, and Japanese fashions for girls, boys, men, and women, with lower prices coming directly from their home market.

Compare prices, check the quality and the evaluations of other users, and buy safely through an online store that protects buyers against any type of fraud with a secure payment gateway.


chinabrands - China wholesale brand

The Chinabrands website has about 18 categories, in which you can find products such as sportswear, swimming wear, nightdresses, footwear, household utensils, toys, cameras, decorative items, and hobbies, among many others. An interesting aspect of Chinabrands is that it works as a dropshipping store, a modality that allows retailers to sell products online without requiring their own inventory.

The length of time the package takes depends on the weight and shape of the item, the customer’s location, and the shipping method. The store has three types of shipping: flat rate, standard and expedited shipping.

The first transports the package by post and takes between 7 and 25 business days. The standard takes between 5 and 10 days. Meanwhile, fast shipping is the option of the DHL company, the one that takes less time depending on the product (it is possible to see it at the time of purchase).



DHGate has emerged as an alternative for those who are looking for cheap Japanese branded products or other imitation products, such as watches, makeup, jewelry, etc. However, we can also find many other products that you can buy wholesale.

Therefore, as an online sales platform, this website is reliable; however, DHGate is only an intermediary between the seller and the buyer, so to buy safely, we have to choose trusted sellers to have a good shopping experience: it will be essential to review the opinions and ratings of the products and the seller himself before buying so as not to be disappointed later.


Shindo is a worldwide Japanese clothing manufacturer that also sells different textile materials. This store has many fashionable and classic clothing styles and excellent opinions, among which are very famous Japanese firms and other oriental-inspired garments with very cheap prices.

In the many Japanese clothing catalogs it has, we find casual clothes for men and women, more special clothes, and classic Japanese clothes. You will be surprised to see everything they have.
This is the best platform in the world to connect directly with the Japanese market, without paying more and without worrying about extra expenses.


This is not only an online Japanese clothing store but also includes western fashion for men, women, and children. It is a Japanese website that sells both clothing and accessories such as wallets, toys, sunglasses, hats, and much more.

The prices are not excessive, and there are good discounts that can be interesting to take advantage of. You can buy in bulk as much as you want and receive your order in a house.


This is another option to buy Japanese clothes, although it is a platform that sells all kinds of products online and it may not be as well known as other online stores mentioned in this list. However, it is worth adding because it has very good prices.

Find not only typical Japanese dresses but also western evening dresses, jeans, sportswear, and accessories.

Where to Find Wholesale Clothing Suppliers?

Setting up a clothing store is one of the favorite options for many entrepreneurs, especially and those who have a passion for fashion. In case you want to open an independent business, you will have to look for suppliers to meet your demands.

So, if you have an online store, you will surely be interested in knowing where to buy wholesale clothing. Buying in this way is much more comfortable than going personally to retailers since you receive what you buy in the comfort of your home.

But where to find wholesale clothing suppliers? If you want to do it personally, you can start by visiting clothing fairs in your area as many of them work with their own wholesalers. You can ask for information from the owners or manager of the said fair.

Remember that in your city, there must be industrial estates where many wholesale clothing companies work. And surely there are also many importing companies.

Use Google to see where the wholesalers in your area are located. That way, you could stop by to visit their facilities, review the fashion items and accessories they have, and have more direct contact.

In case you are looking for online wholesalers, you can find them on the internet, and you just have to read very well the comments or reviews of the clients. This helps to clarify many doubts since their clients leave their experiences when working with them. Research who sell Japanese clothes at good prices, if they have discounts, the quality of the clothes, etc. Generally, they have better prices than physical wholesalers.

Another good option is to find wholesalers who have their own workforce, i. e., who have their own clothing factories because they offer excellent prices and unique designs. Buying online is very simple, and if you have problems, many wholesalers will clarify your doubts or refund your money if you are not satisfied, or you can even change what you bought.

How to Choose the Best Wholesale Clothing Supplier?

Fashion is one of the most popular niches in e-commerce, so grabbing a slice of the market is no easy task, especially around the sale of Japanese clothes online. There are millions of entrepreneurs out there, so to compete against them, you must offer a quality product at a good price.

One criterion to take into account when choosing the best wholesale clothing supplier is the price. That is, it must be adapted to your budget. When buying large quantities, distributors provide a greater discount on the purchase, but it will always depend on the price that each supplier stipulates.

Another aspect that you should assess is that the products are of sufficient quality and that the customer is satisfied with their purchase. In this way, you are sure to achieve greater customer loyalty, and it is likely that they will buy a product again at your point of sale or website.

Some wholesalers allow the purchase of a small number of products at a low cost so that you can try it and see if it is what you are looking for.

But, in addition to offering quality in its products, it is very important that the service provided by the supplier is also important. This refers to complying with the times and deliveries, that the merchandise has no damage and that, in this way, the product is delivered in perfect condition.

One of the keys to maintaining the quality of your store’s services is to supervise all the products that the distributor gives you before putting them on sale. In turn, you must check how long you will have the supplier’s shipment in order to effectively manage the products in your clothing store.

Do not forget to read the shipping policies, returns, payment methods, etc. Also, take the location into account. Depending on where the supplier is located, it will take longer for the merchandise to arrive and even incur additional shipping costs.

Therefore, choose the most appropriate option and negotiation. For example, if you buy a certain amount of merchandise, you can get free shipping, or you can save money by ordering for several months.
On the other hand, keep in mind that there are different types of suppliers, such as manufacturers. These are the vendors or representatives who sell their own products.

Their prices are lower because the management of intermediaries is not included. However, transportation costs often increase the total cost.

If we had to choose a supplier for wholesale, we would stick with Chinabrands because they have an incredible amount of products to choose from to buy and start your own business at affordable prices. In addition, Wholesale7 is a trusted wholesaler and is widely recognized worldwide.


If you want to start your own Japanese clothing sales business, you can guide yourself using this post because we know that starting from scratch can be difficult.

Buying wholesale products online has advantages such as availability 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in addition, eliminating geographical barriers for the customer. These competitive advantages present it as a good option compared to traditional commerce.

Also, online wholesalers guide you in your purchase in case of doubts since they have customer service ready to answer your questions.

Evaluate the different options you have and start your own eCommerce right away!

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