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Where Do Online Boutiques Buy Their Clothes? (14 Best Online Suppliers)

The global apparel industry is worth about $760 billion and the number is growing. Everyone wants to grab at least a small piece of it. And as customers are being choosy, they are looking for a unique style of products.

So, the boutiques with the handpicked and unique style of products with attractive price range are always given a red carpet welcome.

But have you ever wondered, where do online boutiques buy their clothes? The answer is that most online store owners buy boutique clothing from wholesale suppliers that offer a competitive price, various styles, and high-quality clothing. But they will also go to the trade show and grab the opportunity in it.

Without a doubt, finding a suitable supplier is the most important thing when it comes to the boutique business. The boutique owners care about the clothing quality, and so should you if you are going to start a boutique.

Listed below are 14 top wholesale vendors across the world.

Top 14 Best Wholesale Clothing Suppliers for Boutique Owners

1. Wholesale7


Wholesale7 supplies all types of apparel, bags, shoes, and accessories for women, men, and kids. It’s one of the legit and trustworthy vendors in the wholesale clothing business and having around 9 years of experience in this industry.

They offer a variety of products based on a different style of countries with quality and at a wholesale price.

There is a 30-day return policy, so if you are not 100% satisfied with the quality or in case of any damage in products, you can send them the products back after raising the return request.

They also have different types of shipping policy for their customers according to their delivery requirements.

They charge for shipping based on the weightage of products.



Chinabrands is one of the best Chinese clothing suppliers. It’s also one of the leading global dropshipping and wholesale platform.

Chinabrands supplies household products, women’s and men’s apparel, computer accessories, consumer electronics, jewels, and accessories. You can buy wholesale clothing for low as less than $1.

So, while placing an order you must have understood “who is your target customers, and what are their needs?”

They charge for shipping based on weightage and size of the products and have multiple shipping policy like:

  • “Flat rate shipping” where the products will be delivered within 7 to 25 days.
  • “Standard shipping” in which the products will be delivered within 5 to 10 days.
  • “Expedited shipping” where the products will be delivered according to the customer’s needs.

They have 15 days return policy for computers, telecommunication, and consumer electronics (3C products) related products, and 30 days return policy for non 3C products.

So, you should plan wisely all the factors before placing the order.

3. Sugarlips

sugar lips

Sugarlips is a wholesale clothing site that deals with top branded and high-quality apparel, especially for women. People who wish to buy unique and quality products irrespective of the price can buy from here.

Sugarlips offers free shipping for orders more than $49 and destinations should be within the United States.

For international customers, they are charging shipping fees based on the destination, size, and carrier rates. Sugarlips offers a 30-day return policy from the shipping date.

4. Bloom Wholesale

Bloom Wholesale

It’s a women’s wholesale distributor from Los Angeles. It mainly focuses on offering skirts, dresses, pants, joggers, activewear, sweater, blouses, and jackets.

They offer plus sizes and different sizes of fashion wholesale clothing, which is a great thing to show variety and attract customers to your boutiques.

Bloom Wholesale has to be notified within 3 days from the date of receipt of products if you wanna return the products or unsatisfied with the quality, color, or size.

And you have to also bear 5% as a restocking fee and the respective freight charges.

5. Wholesale Fashion Square

Wholesale Fashion Square will give a rich experience to their customers. Even though the website designed simply, that itself gives attractiveness. Wholesale Fashion Square offers clothes, accessories, and makeup kits exclusively for women.

They also have the special category “plus sizes” in their catalog. The dropshipping facility also being provided at Wholesale Fashion Square which is an essential one for online boutiques.

Orders above $200 are shipped free of cost, whereas orders less than $200 charged wisely.

And they have to be notified within 3 days of receipt of products, if you are unsatisfied with that one, and want to return it.

6. Tasha Apparel

Wholesale Trendy – Tasha

Tasha Apparel filled their catalog with the latest styles and fashion trends of materials.

They have their in-house stylist to identify and create the latest styles and fashions in the industry.

You can buy specially designed and handpicked products from there to make your boutique unique and special.

They supply all types of women’s apparel and offer a free shipping facility for orders above $300.

And have a flat shipping rate for orders below $300. They have a 5-day return policy and dropshipping facility too.

7. Mangolia Fashion Wholesale

Mangolia Fashion Wholesale is a wholesaler in chic women’s fashion with stylist history of Miami’s Fashion and Arts District.

It offers highly branded apparel, shoes, bags, and accessories with free shipping facility irrespective of the order size.

As fashion is changing day by day, they are not offering any return policy. Once it’s sold, it’s sold.

8. LAShowroom

LA Showroom

If you want to fill your boutique with a branded collection. You are at the right place. If you open the website, you will be filled with brands.

LAShowroom acts like an agency between the buyers and the multiple designers, apparel manufacturers, and distributors.

They are just gathering the materials from the distributor to their warehouse and fixing consolidated shipping charges and the ships to the relevant buyer.

Normally, LAShowroom doesn’t accept the return of products, if there is any damage to the products, the buyer has to get a return authorization from the distributor and have to bear the 15% to 20% of restocking cost.

9. Parisan


It’s a leading women wholesale clothing vendor in the UK, supplying a wide range of dresses, skirts, playsuits, trousers, blazers, knitwear, tops, coats, and jackets.

They stock seasonal clothes all over the period. So that you can order and store those seasonal requirements before it hits your boutique.

They also provide free shipping for orders above £400 and the destination should be within the UK.

In case of any damage in products, you should notify within 14 days of receipt of products for replacement or returns.

10.Wholesaler UK

At Wholesaler UK, you cannot place an order for your boutique, whereas you can see the list of sites where your needs can be fulfilled and can also see at what cost those things are available.

It’s a directory website, you just type the brand names you want, the website will give you the all the details about the supplier, including their contact details and websites.

11. Citygoddess UK

Are you looking to set up the boutique for teens with branded items? Then this website is for you.

They offer a variety of women’s apparel, party wears, shoes, bags, accessories, and facemask. It offers free delivery across Europe for orders above £300.

And you have to notify them to within 7 days if you wanna arrange for replacement or return of products.

12.Direct Discount Clothing

The website looks like a traditional one and offers fashions for the family.

This web offers some kids to wear too. It offers daily wears, party wears, shoes and bags for kids.

There is a free shipping service in some parts of the UK if the order is above £150.

They have the return policy for damaged products only, for that, you have to notify it within 14 days from the date of receipt of the product.

13. Cat Walk Wholesale

This website filled with trendy and latest fashion pieces to suit any style or occasion, especially for women.

It’s inspired by celebrities and bloggers’ styles. This is the type of collection, with everyone wish to set up their boutique.

And these collections will be immediately sold if posted online and doesn’t require huge marketing cost.

They supply party dresses, jackets, blazers to skirts, loungewear, and jumpsuits.

They are supplying their products across the world. There is a free shipping facility over the UK if the order value is above £250.

Products can be returned or replaced if the buyers notified the issue within 7 days of receipt of products.

14. Zaasmart

Zaasmart is an India-based website supplying traditional, ethnic, and casual wear all over the world.

This website provides clothing supplies for women, men, boys, and girls. The clothing style of this website is inspired by Bollywood costumes and supplies similar collections.

As they supply different types of party wears similar to Bollywood collections, making them easily sold in India.

But the collections are packed in bundles and no exchange policy is offered. So go through the products in detail before placing the order.

You can find more boutique clothing suppliers here. But the drawback of picking clothing at an online store is that you have no idea about their clothing quality as well as customer service before you make a purchase.

So alternatively, go visit a trade show—large gatherings of wholesale vendors—will provide you an opportunity to find stylish and affordable clothing.

8 Trade Shows and Wholesale Marketplaces in the USA

The trade show is an exhibition at which businesses in a particular industry promote their products and services. You can get a great deal there. Some trade shows happen round the year, some happen only on seasonal days.

1. Magic Wholesale

It’s a fashion tradeshow in the United States, held twice a year in February and August in Las Vegas. It’s a showcase of men’s, women’s and children’s apparel, footwear, and accessories from all over the world.

This tradeshow was inaugurated in 1933 at California and featured only men’s clothing and accessories at that time. Later on, it has moved to Las Vegas in 1989, and expanded to include ladies’ clothing and accessories. In 2020, the exhibition planned to conduct on 1st September 2020 – 1st November 2020.

2. AmericaSmart

It’s a permanent tradeshow available for the whole year, located in Downtown, Atlanta, Georgia. AmericaSmart Atlanta consists of three buildings, totaling seven million square feet.

Exhibitors hire permanent showrooms as well as temporary booths during tradeshows.

AmericaSmart is not open to the public, only employees and guests of registered businesses can get in.

3. Stylemax

It’s launched in the year 2000 at Chicago, Massive merchandise Mart. It’s a leading tradeshow for women’s apparel and will be conducted four times in a year, and each session will have 3 continuous days of the exhibition.

4. Fashion Industry Gallery

FIG is a boutique wholesale venue located at Downtown Dallas, Texas. It’s a showcase of best in women’s, men’s, children’s apparel, and accessories. FIG hosts 5 apparel trade shows in a year.

There is an event called FIG Finale, which happens in August every year. In this FIG Finale, all the top stores at Dallas will come together to exhibit and merchandise their products.

5. Children’s Club

Children’s Club is an international exhibition for all types of kids’ clothing, accessories, toys, and gifts for all the ages of children. It’s located in New York.

6. L.A. Fashion market

It’s located in Los Angeles. This is the show where you can buy men’s, women’s, and children’s apparel round the year.

California Market Centre is the hub of LA Fashions. CMC hosts year-long fashion events such as:

  • LA Market week
  • LA Kids market
  • LA Majors market
  • LA Men’s market

7. New York Shoe Show

This trade show, organized by the Fashion Footwear Association of New York, aims to bring all the fashion buyers and sellers together in New York. This tradeshow will be organized four times a year and the sellers come up with thousands of brands, where every buyer can try a new one.

8. Coterie

It’s a high-end fashion exhibition of women’s apparel, accessories, and footwear. It occurs twice a year at the Fashion Capital, New York.


We hope that the above-mentioned details about the wholesalers and tradeshows will help set your boutique.

Additionally, do enough research before placing an order, because some reviews may be bad about it or the products may be packed in multiples than you thought.

Visit the nearest tradeshow if anything is happening, and grab the opportunity in it.

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