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25 Best Instagrams To Follow For Kids Fashion Inspo

With the rise of social media influencers, some Instagram accounts have become a source of inspiration for kid’s fashion.

Instagrams kids fashion inspo feature

Influencers changed the dynamics of social media marketing. Social media users on Instagram displayed their fashion style to reach their followers which saw brands seeking them to post their items. However, it is not just adults who get to enjoy the influencer lifestyle. Children have become advertising assets as much as adults. They drive the trends for their demographics.


Mini-Fashionistas’ Instagram

These mini-fashionistas offer ideas on sprucing up your child’s wardrobe and new ways of reinventing what is already in their closets. Their Instagram pages also show creative coordinating outfits for the whole family. No matter your child’s style, there is an Instagram to inspire them to put their best fashion foot forward.



Shay Sweeney


Texas-based blogger, Shay Sweeny shares her life with her twenty thousand followers. From lifestyle to fashion, she gives her followers insight and tips on cooking, fashion and motherhood. The mom of three also shares her children’s great tastes in fashion. Like many families, the Sweenys don matching ensembles for Instagram photos. Her children wear cool, casual outfits perfect for being on the go.



Kang Hye-Rin


Kang Hye-rin is a newcomer to Instagram’s fashion world, but the youngster is bringing South Korea’s unique fashion to her 55 thousand followers. Kang showcases the country’s take on streetwear. She also shows off her photoshoots and regular life.


Kang reflects Korea’s structured and muted trends in her casual wardrobe. From pastels to puffed sleeved blouses, she dons feminine pieces that are popular throughout the country’s trends. Her fashion easily blends her two worlds making her an inspiration in children’s fashion.



Giselle And Gianni


Giselle and Gianni are another pair of twins making a splash on social media for their enviable style. The girls have contributed to the impressive 80 thousand followers on their mother’s Instagram page. The duo don coordinated looks with their mom throughout the feed.


From tuxedos to bold Valentine’s day ensembles, the pair and their parents deliver family-friendly looks. With each look, the twins shine throughout their mother’s page showing their lively, photogenic personalities.





Zeke may be young, but his fashion game is gigantic. The curly-haired toddler shows off his covetable style thanks to his mom who shares the account. Zeke offers pint-sized streetwear looks and mommy-and-me looks. He also boasts formal looks equipped with bow-ties and laid-back destressed outfits.


Zeke’s looks are great for toddlers who are always on the go with or without their parents. Comfortable and cool, children can take on any adventure with ensembles inspired by him. Followers also get to witness how Zeke’s style will change as he gets older.





Haileigh Vasquez is one of Instagram’s most notable child fashionistas. She was listed as one of the most fashionable kids in 2016 by Footwear News. Years later, Vasquez is still maintaining her place in the fashion world.


Her looks range from streetwear to preppy looks. While showcasing her style, Vasquez also shares her many travel adventures. Her sense of fashion is practical for school days.



Scout London And Rio Dash


With their mother being a prominent fashion blogger, it is no wonder Scout London and Rio Dash have impeccable senses of fashion. The sibling duo appears on their mother’s Instagram account @scoutthecity. The showoff individual and coordinated looks while embarking on adventures. Whether they are strolling the streets of a foreign city or relaxing within the walls of their home, the duo always looks effortlessly cool.





Since he was a baby, Ryan of popular Instagram account @ryansecret has shown his growing fashion sense. With over 120 thousand followers, Ryan shows off his down-to-earth style consisting of streetwear looks. He also features his family members on his page who share equal covetable senses of fashion.


Ryan mostly dons neutral looks, but he is not afraid to add pops of bold colors to his looks. His looks seamlessly capture the trends that are rampant in fashion’s youth culture. Fans cannot wait to see his fashion evolve.



Henrique Campos


Henrique Campos is foraging his path among Instagram’s child fashion icons. Campos experiments with color blocking his looks. The styling can be intimidating to some, but Campos proves he is a pro. The young Instagrammer also rocks denim looks and monochrome which sets him apart from some of his peers on the list.


Campos also flaunts an enviable shoe collection which includes the likes of Fila, Molekinho, and Vans. From skateboarding to Sponsored or not, it’s a collection that many kids would love to have.





Coco is one of the most well-known child fashionistas on the list. She usually takes the streets of Harajuku in Tokyo, Japan to flaunt her unparalleled style. Coco’s fashion has led her to feature in magazines and Vice.


She has a knack for pairing items that would not usually complement each other and making them seamlessly mesh together. She adds tailored blazers to her quirky outfits for structure. A star in her own right, Coco’s style is an example of Japan’s experimental legacy in fashion.



Taytum And Oakley


Taytum and Oakley Fisher flaunt their larger-than-life personalities to their 3 million followers through their coordinating outfits. This pair of sisters have made their mark as mini-fashionista. They explore mixes of prints and patterns and occasionally share throwback photos from their newborn days. Their followers have watched them grow into toddlers who know how to rock muted neutrals and lively colors. The girls also show off their younger sister now and then too.



These mini fashion bloggers may not always be dressing, but they know exactly how to work their looks. From sibling duos to Gucci-clad tots, here are 15 insanely fashionable kids (yes, even adults will want to copy their outfits) to follow on Instagram.



Stella and Blaise


This brother and sister sibling duo each have their own unique sense of style that works perfectly together-but they also know how to rock a matching look just as well.





From trendy hats to eclectically-styled looks, Prince not only has an incredible wardrobe, but also the sweetest poses to show it off.



Mila & Emma


As a mother of five (two boys, three girls), all kids are featured on the account. But the 3-year-old twins, who are the youngest of the siblings, are definitely the stars of the account. Along with Mila’s hilarious videos that almost always go viral, she and her twin Emma serve up some serious style and extra sassy poses on their mom’s Instagram.




This stylish tot already has her blogger pose down pat-and a fun-filled wardrobe to back it up.



Alonso Mateo


Alonso’s mom, Luisa Fernanda Espinosa, has shown off her son’s impeccable style since he was a toddler. Coming into his own now, the dapper young boy rocks Gucci and loafers like you’ve never seen before.





With the coolest ’90s-inspired style and the best sassy poses, we could all take style lessons from Zuri.





From clean lines to knitwear essentials, this Swedish baby blogger is an expert when it comes to minimalism.





Laerta accessorizes with both baby Chanel bags and stuffed animals-which is no easy task. From Timberlands and tutus to high socks and fur jackets, she knows how to have fun with fashion.





Based in Los Angeles, the account is run by their mom Colette who posts about topics such as parenting, fashion and travel. She created the account originally with her oldest son Ryker, to “hack” the style of celebrity men such as Ryan Gosling or Pharrell, but instead of letting Ryker wear designer kids clothes, she aimed for more budget-friendly options such as H&M and Target.





Other than for example Laerta, her account is less professional when it comes to the fashion shots but rather includes some funny or silly shots as well, which makes it more authentic and fun to look at. Nevertheless, Millie-Belle has already made her first appearance on the red carpet at the age of 2 in cooperation with the children’s brand Little Miss Aoki. We guarantee you, this little girl will steal your heart.






在 Instagram 查看这篇帖子


Stay Protected 😷😷

Kingston & Kaui ❤️ (@kingandkaui) 分享的帖子 ·


Both have an extraordinary sense for fashion which they love to present in front of the camera. While most of the pictures show both kids together, the images of little Kaui are especially adorable. On Kaui’s 4th birthday, Kim Kardashian shared a picture of the little girl with her friends, saying #happybirthdaykaui.





在 Instagram 查看这篇帖子


Тут кто -то ростом уже почти с меня ‍♀️#нашаесякуролеся

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Ol’ka ♡Esenia (@sheriandsheri) 分享的帖子 ·


The twin’s style is very girly and playful, combining pink and white colours with cozy knitwear. So, if you need some winter inspiration for your kid’s wardrobe (or even for your own) you’re definitely right on this account.





Pixie Curtis is a princess on Australian Instagram. Whether she goes to school or go to the movies, wears a couture dress or bake with her younger brother Hunter, Pixie Curtis has gone from tiny tot to a 6-year-old tastemaker in the blink of an eye!









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