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Top 11 Best Places to Buy & Sell Used Clothes Online

We must remember that the most sustainable fashion choice is to re-wear what we already own, swap clothes with or borrow from friends, or buy vintage and used clothing as we strut towards a more sustainable future in fashion, buying from brands that have more eco-conscious business practices than conventional brands.

As a result, it’s critical that we take good care of everything we already possess so that when we’re ready to let rid of anything, it may still be useful to the next owner, whether we donate, exchange, or resell it.

On that topic, here are 7 of our favorite locations to buy and sell secondhand clothes online, in addition to markets like Etsy and social media hubs like Facebook groups.

1. Flyp

Flyp will be your new go-to app if you want to sell the used stuff in your wardrobe without having to sell them yourself.

You may submit photographs of anything you want to sell to Flyp, and then experienced sellers will bid on your “lot” of things. In return for an agreed-upon commission, these Pro Sellers will handle the price, listing, negotiating, packaging, and shipping for you.

You may also feel safe working with Flyp because the firm not only rigorously vets each Pro Seller, but also has a Protection Policy.

2. ThredUp

“The largest online thrift and consignment business,” according to ThredUp. While you may still find luxury items on ThredUp, it’s mostly a marketplace for buying and selling clothing and accessories from mid-priced big-name brands like Ann Taylor, J Crew, and Michael Kors.

Request a “Clean Out Bag” to be delivered to you (for free! ), toss in your unwanted items when the bag arrives, drop it off at the post office, then sit back, wait, and watch your money roll in as your accepted products sell.

3. The RealReal

If you opt to sell via The Real Real as a luxury consignment business, they will give you a complimentary consignment kit with pre-paid shipping labels. The Real Real manages all order shipping, product descriptions, photos, authentication, and other details to ensure secrecy and simplicity of use.

If you want to buy something, you may do it as effortlessly as you would on any other online store.

4. REI Used & Good

REI’s used shop is ideal for outdoor lovers, with boots, clothes, and camping gear for everyone (depending on what’s available!).

REI accepts returned products in good condition and fixes them for resale on their website.

5. Poshmark

Poshmark, a popular smartphone app for buying and selling used clothing and accessories, is both a social and a marketplace. Rather than using a middleman, it allows users to establish their own accounts and sell or purchase directly from them.

This would be a great option for you if you want a little more control over the selling process and love communicating with the people selling to you.

6. Vestiaire Collective

Website for luxury resale homes Vestiaire Collective is an online community that sells luxury clothes and accessories. Every day, sellers on Vestiaire Collective upload hundreds of brand-name items to the site, including Dior, Gucci, Prada, and more.

To assure quality and authenticity, the premium site’s inventory is meticulously chosen, and all products are examined and certified by the company’s team of specialists.

7. Geartrade

Geartrade is a one-stop store for getting everything you need for an outdoor journey, including brands like prAna, The North Face, Sorel, Burton, Marmot, and dozens of others.

Whether you need equipment or apparel for land sports, winter sports, water sports, or camping, Geartrade provides activewear and outdoor gear for men, women, and kids.

8. Vinted

Vinted’s opening slogan says, “Just snap, upload, and sell – for free.” True, both the purchasing and selling processes are as easy as ABC. You also have complete control over the photography, description, and price of your products. It’s a fantastic site that allows you to do things your way while connecting with customers eager to repurpose your used items.

As a buyer, you’ll find a plethora of gently used clothing in excellent condition at drastically discounted costs.

9. Tradesy

Tradesy, which is also a premium consignment business, offers verified high-fashion items in a user-friendly online store. What sets it apart is that each product comes with a letter from the former owner, so you can get a feel of who had it and what to anticipate from it.

The procedure of selling is also fairly straightforward, and Tradesy will give free shipping kits as well as handle returns.

10. Worn Wear

Patagonia’s official secondhand shop, Worn Wear, sells pre-loved and mended or refurbished Patagonia items, factory off-cuts with minor flaws at a discount, and “new” pieces manufactured from the materials of old Patagonia apparel.

Of course, if you have a Patagonia item, Worn Wear is a fantastic way to sell it or get it mended so you can keep using it!

11. Material World

Material World, unlike other consignment shops, will pay you in advance if you chose to send something in to sell (that they accept).

As a buyer, you have the option of receiving carefully chosen boxes of items in addition to the standard online buying experience. Pay only for what you wish to retain and return the rest – a wonderful choice for those who don’t have a lot of free time yet need new clothes regularly.

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