We heart it! Black Friday dress paradise of New Arrivals TOP 100

Black Friday is coming and everybody want to look polished than usual days. And you? If you’re wondering what to wear just now, here are three dressing shopping ideas for Black Friday.

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Patchwork + Beading + White Pants

The most casual comfort one. Item no.YMJ102044


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Houndstooth + Blazer Cloak

This look is one of my favorite fall and winter looks. Item no. YMJ110821


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Short Sleeve + Velvet Pencil Dress

This last look is a good example of how to do easy elegance. Item no. AFJ052223


Find out your style for Black Friday here~ We’re Wholesale7 Team and we are here to help you look modern, exquisite and confident at 1-50+ (from kids to older).

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