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Coachella Outfit Ideas To Conquer Festival Style

What’s the most exciting event in spring? Coachella! If you’ve missed Coachella great music performance last year, buy tickets for this year. Once that’s done, you’ll start thinking about Coachella outfits for 2019. What you wear to this festival is important (look at the girls on Instagram). People who attend music festivals wear everything, from dresses to bikini to denim shorts. It’s a bit difficult to stand out unless you are Alessandra Ambrosio. Stay tuned to explore Coachella outfit ideas too good to miss.


Maxi Dress + Sandals

Maxi Dress and Sandals

The breezy style is the best match with Coachella. A flowy maxi dress will help you to achieve it and you don’t have to think about how to match. There’re also benefits to wear a maxi dress – it protects your skin from the hot sun in the afternoon. Pairing with comfortable sandals can make sure you don’t get tired easily throughout the day.

⑴ Printing High Slit Sexy Boho Dress

⑵ Lantern Sleeve Split Hem Maxi Dress

⑶ Gladiator Shoes Women Sandals


Swimsuit + Cover Up

Swimsuit and Cover Up

Any fashion goes well at Coachella, meaning that you can wear what you want. Choose a sheer cover-up with lace and embroidery and swimsuits. It’s a pity that your swimsuit will only appear on the beach – wear a cover-up over the swimsuit and match it with some bold accessories like earrings and belt.

⑴ Straps One Piece Swimwear

⑵ Backless Split Lace Long Dress

⑶ Metallic Round Chic Alloy Earrings


Mini Dress + Belt Bag

Mini Dress and Belt Bag

The way to make effortlessly chic is to wear a mini dress like Model Alessandra Ambrosio. This versatile styling is good to upgrade the look by matching some accessories like a belt bag (a must for all seasons) and sunglasses.

⑴ Square Neck Short Sleeve Mini Dress

⑵ Ruffles White Long Sleeve Mini Dress

⑶ Snake Print Belt Bag


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