Diwali in India
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Diwali Celebration in India 2019

As per Hindu belief, Diwali is the biggest festival in India. it’s celebrated for the homecoming of God Sri Ram once conquest Lanka his abstinence of fourteen years.

Wouldn’t you dress up your best once a guest comes reception, during this case, it’s GOD coming home, thus even an even bigger excuse to shop for smart clothes? it’s conjointly believed that Goddess Laxmi visits each house on Diwali night, thus keep your house, surrounding very clean & decorate it.

Within the same manner, you wear fresh bought or new cloths or recently bought cloths to feel good and happy & also to impress the Goddess Laxmi 🙂

Diwali celebrations with handle candle

Gifts of Diwali may be homemade or ready-made from any well-known shop or restaurant. Pack your gift an exquisite and colored paper to create this special at the auspicious occasion of Diwali. Choose some special, traditional and contemporary gift from a good vary of Diwali gifts for your beloved one which may touch their hearts deeply.


Apparels Gifts


Apparel gifts can be clothing like pretty saris, Kurtis, shirts, t-shirts, etc to please your close ones like mother, sister or wife. Gift a range of shirts or t-shirts to your husband, brother, father or friends. Jackets and sweaters are particular to gift to your brother or husband.


Fruit Candles


This may sound uncommon however affirmative, associate exciting idea as this will exist. Cut the fruit peels in pretty shapes and place tiny aromatic candles within them for a perfect decoration of home this Diwali.

Fruit candle decoration for this Diwali


Minimize fireworks, firecrackers…..protect the environment!


Diwai clothes on sale


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