Don’t be silly with Blazer Sport Coat and Suit Jacket anymore

When I seeing the similar looks of Suit Jacket, labeled with Sport Coat and Blazer before, it will feel a bit puzzled, but I did not get to the bottom, after all, the desire to shop soon drowned the desire to seek knowledge.

But since doing the modeling, we need to clearly know the style of clothing and materials, so gradually increase the knowledge in this area. Recently, a friend asked the difference between these three coats, I search the Internet a bit really there are many people there is this question. Here I use plain text with pictures to tell you about.

First on a map, so that we first look at the three jacket. From left to right are Blazer, Sport Coat and Suit Jacket.


According to the formal style from high to low, namely Suit Jacket, Blazer and Sport Coat.

Suit Jacket


General business or special occasions, dress, so wear will be particularly prominent head of the effect. Clothes color is a single, not too many variegated, the most classic color is Black, Gray and Navy. On both sides of the pocket only to show a covered pocket, button is a single row of two-button or single row of three buckle. Figure is more fashionable shape. Clothes must be lined, and usually need pants with the same color and fabric.



Compared to the Suit Jacket, Blazer can be more free to match, suitable for business and leisure and other less formal occasions. Clothing surface materials do not need more advanced than Suit Jacket, collar collar is more. The most classic color is pure Navy, and metal buttons. Button is the first double-double or double-three buttons, but now more and more styles into a single row, more in line with the trend. And Suit Jacket there is a significant difference is the pocket. The Blazer has no lids. But one, the trend is always changing, this classic models are slowly moving toward the style of the bag. As for the pants with the best color is complementary with the clothes.

Sport Coat


This is the most casual casual jacket. Suit Jacket and Blazer do not pay attention to the surface material, and a variety of. Color is not limited, white, nude color, stripes, bright blue, deep purple … as long as the thought can be found. Collar is a sport lapel, smooth than the collar. Pocket and Suit Jacket similar, but not necessarily a double piping, classic models in the right pocket above the top to open a small ticket bag. As for the buttons, it is natural to follow the trend to go, many styles. Need to pay attention to wear the Sport Coat is best not to match the same or similar color pants, or difficult to show a casual fashion sense.

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