Some Great Tips To keep Your Favorite Wholesale Shoes Won’t Hurt

Do you suffer the same problem that when you in a new pair of shoes, all that is the poor feet always suffer no matter you’re a man or a woman?

Today, we at Wholesale7’Blog have decided to put Some Great Tips To keep Your Favorite Wholesale Shoes Won’t Hurt. Under these tips we believe that you will sure be able to enjoy your new Wholesale Shoes as if they were made an unique way for you!

Common Way: Classic Band-Aids


Classic Band-Aids is very common way, however I’d like to tell you just try using the top quality Band-Aid. Once you wear high heels. Make sure that the Band-Aid is in your small bags around you.

Medical Way: Talcum powder


It can reduce frictional force on your foot surface. What you can do is to sprinkle some Talcum powder on your feet before you put on your wholesale shoes. (Notes: If you’re in no socks, make sure your feet aren’t wet.)

In Alcohol and paper


Use more paper to shape of your feet: you can spray enough alcohol on the tight areas from inside the shoes so they are wet. (Do not forget to remove the paper in the morning, and put the shoes on)
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