How to make Korean Clothes look distinctive

To begin with, we’d better master that Korean fashion is mainly seen as elegance, sometimes, they using layering as a top way to draw your attention via textures and fabrics.

Do you know why? There is any person (regardless of body shape), who can also lead Korean fashion with Korean Clothes. Trust me, follow us, just show yourself with them!

Some important things to keep in mind:

Not not base on the model how it looks

We are glad to share you that, the most important thing is that, do not base on the model how the Korean Style Clothes looks. Because we everyone have different dimensions of body. That’s the reason why such a fashion in a personal thing. Two person can wears some dress differently.

Distinctive elements: the clothes, hair, makeup, and accessories.

The secret to make your Korean fashion clothes look distinctive is that do not forget choose the right clothes and match with hairstyle, makeup and accessories well.

OL office lady style: Add sunglasses + mini shoulder bag

Item No.CMK081214


Add evening bags:

This is the classic elegant Korean style looks. Item No. OFJ111018


Mature makeup with roll hairstyle

Rings and leather pants are needed for a sexy lady.


Last but not least, regardless of what style or trend you want to follow, show your self-confidence. Choose a little something extra accessory can make a big difference in most cases. Do not be a lazy women~

Thank you for reading my post! Enjoy yourself!

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