Wholesale Clothing in China
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How to Sell or Buy Wholesale Clothing in China

Nowadays, wholesale clothing is becoming more and more important for Chinese, especially for a lot of Chinese ladies. However, more and more Chinese people think wholesale clothing is not fashionable, so it is more and more difficult for vendors to do business in wholesale clothing.

On November 30, 2017, Beijing’s largest wholesale clothing market was closed, which were unbelievable for lots of people. And it made many Chinese vendors, who do business in wholesale clothing, don’t know how to do their business in a better way. Actually from my point of view, they should learn from the Beijing Zoo wholesale market to label a “paradise” for Chinese lady who is eager to look fashionable on a budget. They need to make wholesale clothing more fashionable and special than before. Even though it is wholesale clothing, it still can make people to attract others’ attention. In this way, I consider the vendors who still want to do business in wholesale market will make a profit from it all the time.


As clothes, food, shelter and travel are the four elements for our life. We cannot live without one of them. And many people put clothes in the first place. At present, there are a lot of clothing stores around us. No matter where we go, we will see them. But we always feel confused how to choose a suitable clothing for us. At times it is because we don’t have enough money to buy it, or it cannot make us feel attractive. So maybe wholesale clothing is the best choice for you. It is not expensive and it has become more and more fashionable.


Now I will introduce some famous wholesale clothing markets to you. Perhaps your clothing is bought from there. And if you are vendor, you can buy clothing to sell from there.

  1. Hangzhou Sijiqing Wholesale Clothing Market
  2. Shahe Wholesale Clothing Market
  3. Guangzhou Shisanhang Wholesale Clothing Market
  4. Beijing Zoo Wholesale Clothing Market
  5. Guangzhou Baima Wholesale Clothing Market
  6. Shanghai Qipu Road Wholesale Clothing Market


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