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7 Last-Minute Long Sleeve Pleated Dress Gifts for Holiday

Whether it’s going to the beach to spend the hot summer, or escaping the city and flocking to the countryside, summer is a rare time to go out in all seasons of the year. Now, the refreshing waves are rushing towards us following the summer heat. Have you planned your vacation for the near future? Are you ready for the holiday season?

long sleeve dress

Usually, our vacation plan should include important items such as tourist locations, driving routes, famous attractions, air tickets, and hotel accommodations. Of course, you can also do these things two days before you go out. 

But, holiday wear can not be prepared two days before departure, especially if you want to take a set of beautiful photos. If your vacation happens to be only about five to seven days, you’d better prepare a different outfit every day so that you can spend this perfect vacation.

long sleeve floral dress

At this point, the girls may ask again, what kind of clothing should we prepare to shine? The best choice is of course a skirt. A simple dress can solve your whole set of wear, and it is also convenient to carry and does not take up the space of the suitcase. This year, long sleeve pleated dress is the best popular dress among women’s clothes. Have you added it to your shopping cart?

Gauze Ruched V Neck Solid Long Sleeve Dresses

The way to make women sexy is usually to choose a deep V and tight-fitting size to show the body just right. With these elements in the long sleeve pleated dress, pure color alone may not have many highlights, so it is best to choose a style with folds on the skirt to distinguish it from a tight chiffon shirt dress. It is very convenient for girls to take it exclusively when they go out.

Gauze Ruched V Neck Solid Long Sleeve Dresses

Sexy Club Green Rushed V Neck Dresses

Among the many colors of dress styles, the one I like the most is green, especially the color that is unevenly dyed, like a dye soaked in water and dispersed, as shown in the picture. When you see it, you can think of the breeze blowing from the quiet bamboo forest, or you can think of the water and grass floating on the bottom of the clear lake.

Sexy Club Green Rushed V Neck Dresses

From a distance, the whole lake is green, which makes people feel refreshed and refreshing. Dresses like this kind of temperament style are most suitable for vacation.

Chiffon Solid Loose Casual Long Sleeve Dress

Going on vacation in a strange place is the best opportunity to free yourself and dig out the personality that hides the deepest part of your heart. At this time, you can put down your clothes in bold and exaggerated designs.

Chiffon Solid Loose Casual Long Sleeve Dress

The saturated light green contrasts with the skin tone of the wheat, making the skirt more appreciative. Although the fabric of this long sleeve pleated dress looks more lengthy and complicated, the light and elegant fabric will not bring you any burden. When traveling, an exaggerated sun hat and a pair of comfortable flat shoes can turn you into a fashionista.

Fashion Tie-Dye Sexy V Neck Long Sleeve Dress

In the hot summer, there is nothing more comfortable than a bikini or a swimsuit with less fabric. But, it may be a bit inconvenient for us to wear them during the tour. In this regard, we can choose a similar daily version, as shown in the figure.

Fashion Tie Dye Sexy V Neck Long Sleeve Dress

The fabric on the chest of this long sleeve pleated dress is not a fully enclosed design but is tied up to better project the fullness of the chest and the sexiness of the thin waist. Of course, what I like the most is its dyeing, which is a bit like the ink painting style in Eastern culture, with a very unique temperament.

V Neck Printed Long Sleeve Dress

Whether you are going on vacation or shopping for leisure, floral dresses are undoubtedly one of the clothes that must exist in our wardrobe. This brown floral long sleeve pleated dress has a deep V design on the chest, exposing a large amount of sexy skin. If you think the exposed skin is too simple and rude, you can wear some golden pendants for decoration to achieve a looming effect.

V Neck Printed Long Sleeve Dress

And the skirt of this dress does not have a good drooping effect like other clothing but uses a wave-shaped design to make the skirt tilt up, thus making your legs look more slender. If your holiday location is a country house, wear a floral dress and you can freely take pictures in the countryside.

Summer Fashion Trendy Sweet Purple Long Sleeve Dress

Nowadays, the designs of girls’ skirts are quite different, and it is difficult to see their characteristics. The same is true for long sleeve pleated dresses. If you want to stand out from the crowd, we can start with the color of the skirt and choose a more partial style, such as lavender.

Summer Fashion Trendy Sweet Purple Long Sleeve Dress

Although purple has a little noble color, the dress in the picture is sweet and very suitable for young girls who have a girlish heart.

Summer Fashion Trendy Sweet Purple Long Sleeve Dress2

The advantage of this dress is that the material is a bit like the fabric of cotton pajamas, the surface is smooth and cool, and it is not prone to wrinkles. Moreover, the sleeves of the skirt are made of mesh yarn, which has a translucent effect and will not make people feel conservative. It is very suitable to wear when traveling.

Pure Color Tie-Wrap Lantern Sleeve Dresses For Women

If you do not have many pursuits of individual beauty, the white series of dresses are the most foolproof. Of course, avoid shirts and other old-fashioned conservative models for white dresses. For the white long sleeve pleated dress, we can choose the one-shoulder style, exposing the sexy part above the shoulder as much as possible, so that the whole wear is a little bright. If you are traveling, a woven straw hat is even better.

Pure Color Tie-Wrap Lantern Sleeve Dresses For Women

Are you still worrying about your long sleeve pleated dress when you travel? This article has recommended 7 dresses that are popular this year. Now you can buy more discounts at Wholesale 7! If you want to know more about women’s outfits, please click here.


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