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On-Trendy Outerwears You Need To Have For year 2018

Cold season is coming among most of friends for the place where they live. One thing we are pretty sure is that, all of us start to search suit outerwears for such cold days.

Since the weather gets colder and colder, we have dug out some favorite outerwear from customer’s eyes and from our latest best selling lists from Wholesale7 site.

No 1. Blazer

Blazers whether in classic design or simples, which is a good choice for business wear. Try to match your blazer with a simple style like follow picture, such Color Contrast Plaid Blazer with a red long pant, the red have a good match with the collor of blazer. Try wearing this blazer, you can do well in meeting your friends without losing the femininity and elegance. How’s the match with jeans?

Korean Style Color Contrast Plaid Blazer


No 2. PU Jacket

Pu design jackets are the special material to keep warm in winter days. If you want to have a change or make an edgy style of look, go for PU jacket. Other feminine outfits like biker and motorcycle design. Show your carefree girly style with confidence!

Lambswool Patchwork Hot Sale Winter PU Jacket

No 3. Long Coats

Another way to keep warm and free style in cold days is – Coats. For spring 2018, it will be a little cool, a Khaki Bee Embroidered Long Coat is right for outside.

Chic Bee Embroidered Long Baseball Coat

Besides, there are also other outerwears for cold days: Oversized Style, Down Coats and Waistcoat&Shawl.

Which isn’t only for keeping us warm in cool days—they are also great for adding some charm feeling to our outfit. (tell us want you are forward to know :-)).

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