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What Is The Cheapest Alligator Handbag?

If a lady’s handbag is a status symbol, an alligator handbag is one of the most advanced representative types of all packages. If you have the habit of paying attention to designer bags on a regular basis, I believe you must know that Hermès crocodile leather bags sell for millions of dollars.

Plastic stitching crocodile leather bag

Why are Hermès crocodile leather bags so expensive? Because Hermès not only surpasses its competitors a lot in design concepts, and the best leather in the world is on Hermès packages, So it is reasonable to be expensive.

fashion women

Although the crocodile leather bag sold by Hermès is one of the best styles in the world, its price is dozens or even hundreds of times more expensive than the products of the same period. In the world, a small number of wealthy people can easily buy a crocodile leather package worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, and most of the others may not be able to buy a classic Hermes fashion handbag even if they save a few years of salary. This sounds a little sad, right? It doesn’t need to be sad.

Small and exquisite crocodile leather handbag

In fact, most of our ordinary people with limited financial means pay more attention to functionality when buying alligator handbag, and then we should consider the so-called facade problem.

Expensive luxury goods are good, but they are not worth sacrificing our entertainment life for the next few years. A full and interesting life can be more valuable than blindly comparing brand-name bags. If you are still worried about how to buy Hermès fashion bags, I suggest you change this paranoid concept. After all, a cheap alligator handbag is not all disadvantage.

Neutral style

Personally, if I can’t buy luxury goods to dress, then I will try to make myself as clean and neat as possible. This can at least leave a good impression. So I bought a cheap alligator handbag based on this. I usually don’t choose fancy styles to win the attention of others, but choose those ordinary styles to create my own personal matching style.

fashion women with alligator handbag

First of all, I am most concerned about the choice of bag color. As a young girl who has entered the workplace, I will pay great attention to the choice of dres’ colors. Because I consider the practicality of clothing, the colors I choose are mostly neutral winds that are not easy to make mistakes, such as light gray, black, white, brown, or blue. These color bags are very versatile, suitable for a variety of formal or informal occasions.

Street Mini Chain Alligator Print Handbags

Here, what I recommend to everyone is a grey fashionable alligator handbag. Its color is not my usual dull gray, but a fluorescent gray. This kind of gray is attached to the surface of the bag. After lighting, the crocodile pattern on the bag can be clearly seen, so it looks very advanced.

Street Mini Chain Alligator Print Handbags

Vintage Solid Alligator Print Tote Bags

Brown bags are often overlooked by women. In fact, the brown package is really versatile and advanced. The following pure brown crocodile pattern handbag has a very large capacity. If you are tall enough, carrying it on your back will give you an atmospheric temperament. Because its color is between bright and dull, it is very good whether it is matched with a white dress or a black coat.

Vintage Solid Alligator Print Tote Bags

Black Crocodile Pattern Leather Bag with Golden Chain

Of course, the most classic and durable style of the alligator handbag must be a combination of gold and black. The black series of bags are a bit more calm and connotative than other colors, and when paired with a golden chain, the whole will be given a luxurious and restrained high-end temperament. It is very suitable for women to use in the workplace.

Black crocodile pattern leather bag with golden chain

Except for the color, I also pay great attention to the design of the bag. I don’t know if you have entered into a misunderstanding, that is, the more complicated the design, the more it can reflect the value of the crocodile pattern handbag. Do you think so? As far as I am concerned, I prefer to do subtraction in design rather than addition.

Premium black crocodile leather bag

I don’t like too many extra designs on the bag, such as silk scarf straps, tassels, pearl jewelry, and oversized metal buckles. I think these elements are invalid designs. Not only will they not make the bag look advanced, but they will become cumbersome and make the bag look cheaper. Whether it is a well-known brand or a cheap brand, the fashionable alligator handbag I buy will be based on streamlined style.

Alligator Print Solid Chain Crossbody Bag With Handle

For example, the lavender tote bag below has no tassel or pearl jewelry design on its surface, so the crocodile pattern and pleasing lavender can be well-reflected.

Alligator Print Solid Chain Crossbody Bag With Handle

Alloy Material Simple Trendy Matching Bags Chain

Or this fashionable ladies bag with a crocodile pattern that incorporates a hand-carry and a shoulder strap design. It only combines the two cool colors of black and gray, and with the delicate crocodile lines, it has an expensive sense of luxury. If you have already purchased a black crocodile pattern package, you might as well try replacing the bag with a gray chain.

Alloy Material Simple Trendy Matching Bags Chain

Vintage Solid Alligator Print Designer Bags

Another example is this pure brown crocodile pattern bag, we can clearly see the design on it, except for the crocodile pattern, there is no element that has nothing to do with it. It just puts textures of different sizes together to create a clean and rich visual effect.

Vintage Solid Alligator Print Designer Bags

After talking about color and design, the other aspect we should consider is naturally the price. To be honest, I am a person who loves traveling and food very much. I don’t spend my money on buying clothes and bags easily. Thus, the bags I choose are niche products that are not well-known, and their sales prices are generally under $ 30 and can guarantee very good quality.

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