What’s Wholesale Service?

Once you pay attention to Wholesale Clothing, you may notice some Wholesale Service, actually, the common
Service in Wholesale are followings:
1. MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity):
In most conditions, there is no minimum order quantity,the business even can accept the order for even one set product. On the other hand, they can offer discounts for bulk wholesales. Which means the more you buy, the more discounts you get.
2. Wholesale Price:
You will be told that the price marked on the website is the real price,and the price is also for one set. Of course you can get a more competitive price lower than before if you order quantity reach a certain number. You can search more details from their discount page.
3. Services:
If there are a large number of products styles in the wholesale store, they generally only have small quantity of production for a certain style, so you will be told that a certain percentage rate of shortage approximately 1-2% is normal. And then your problem is going to be dealt after follow the processes.

a. In a certain time, your paid orders will be processed,and after the orders, documents will be processed the next day.
b. Once out of stock orders you face, you will receive a inform within 48 hours (subject to time for cutting a single).Or you can try other ways after have a contact with Sellers.
c. If you do not have a reply within 48 hours, they will directly process with the first approach in order not to delay the order processing.

Any processes for dealing with shortages? You can get more infos (click here).

4. If you have a large amount of order quantity(total amount above 5000 $ US orders),
than you ‘d better have a contact with the online customer service, maybe you will recieve a favorable distribution services such as shipping.

5. For other questions not mentioned, please continue focus on our blog wholesale7, we will share plan and solve more problems patiently for you.
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