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Wholesale7 Clothes Specials Round-up: Any 3 for $24.99

It’s already March! Are you ready for the weather to change? The big thing in summer is to refresh your wardrobe. Beautiful maxi skirts, floral skirts, bohemian skirts, shirt dresses, strawberry dresses, t-shirt, summer swimsuits, high heels, sandals, slippers, and other items should be added To the shopping cart. But, can’t you spend too much money?


Wholesale 7, online wholesale clothing store, start a big sale—buy 2 pieces for $25.99, buy three pieces just for $24.99! If you need something to prepare in advance for the summer, I hope you can find it here.

Summer Dress

The skirt is one of the indispensable pieces of clothing for women in summer. Although it is said that dresses are suitable for all seasons, there is no better season to wear dresses than summer. The right clothes not only help you solve most of your troubles about dressing but also helps you find your most beautiful self.

When you go to a carnival party, a hot and sexy tight-fitting yellow floral short skirt helps you become the focus of everyone’s attention; when you go shopping, a tailored black dress with suspenders makes you extremely elegant; When you travel on vacation, a small fresh green dress will instantly make you forget the pressure of life and return to the innocent and innocent appearance of a girl. How can girls lose their dresses in summer? Buy now, any 3 for $24.99!

women's dresses

Yellow Floral Skirt/Black Elegant Long Skirt/Pure Green Long Skirt

Refreshing Swimsuit

In any case, summer is always tied to a swimsuit. After the cold winter and rainy spring, the girls finally ushered in summer. In the summer, we can finally take off the thick cotton clothes and long trousers, and can’t wait to change into sexy and refreshing swimsuits!

Whether it is a mysterious and sexy basic black swimsuit, a seasonally colored swimsuit, or a noble purple swimsuit with a little girly purity, you can find it here. We provide you swimsuits for all. Immediately put on your favorite sexy swimsuit, put down the coffee and busy work in your hand, and go to the embrace of the blue sky and the sea! What are you waiting for? From now on, any 3 for $ 24.99 are waiting for you to pick them up!

sexy swimsuits

Color Swimsuit/Mysterious Black Swimsuit/Noble Purple Swimsuit

Casual Vest Series

In addition to dresses, vests are also treasures to help us spend the summer, and it is a very versatile dress. For thin girls, a well-fitting vest can show the superior lines of your upper body, such as waistcoat line, neck-to-shoulder line, and waist-hip line. For slightly fat girls, please rest assured to wear tight-fitting vests. Because it can help you shape the body shape of the upper body, make it look slimmer, and make the whole person more coordinated.

The combination of bloomers and vests, camisole and wide-legged high-waist pants, vests, and shorts, which are popular this year, is a fashionable match full of youth and vitality. If you like simple and comfortable wear, a short and lightweight vest is a good choice.

fashion vest series

Green Vest/Irregular Vest/Pure White Vest

Fashion Women’s Bags

If you are excited about following the latest fashion trends, you can start to incorporate certain fashion trends into your styles, such as snake print, crocodile print, leopard print, cat print, and other animal prints. I can’t express how much the fashion circle loves animals. I can only tell you that animal patterns are everywhere. Instagram, street fashion shoots, and even fashion week, you can see the shadow of animal lines.

If you haven’t taken action yet, you can now follow the trend with animal print tote bags. Of course, this summer, other fashion trends are also popular, such as the enduring black classic handbags and woven bags that are close to nature. W7’s bags sale online is now on sale, welcome to come and buy.

fashion bags

Crocodile Pattern Underarm Bag/ Classic Metal Black Bag/Idyllic Woven Bag

Sexy Women’s Shoes

In winter, to avoid the cold, we always wrap our feet in thick boots and survive the long winter. Although the boots keep warm and are also suitable for summer, the comfort is not good. In the hot summer, I would rather recommend you choose a cool and lightweight sandals series.

Many people mistakenly think that sandals belong to home clothing and are not suitable for going out. Is it so? If you think so, you have been away from fashion for too long. Girls wearing sandals to go out has become a new fashion. It is neither a home-style nor a casual style, but a future fashion trend.

women's stylish shoes

Fashion Sandals /Black And White Contrast Sandals /Gentle Wind Women’s Shoes

Wholesale 7 Women’s Clothes Promotions

In this event, many products participated in this promotion, including women’s dresses, women’s vests on sale, swimwear, flat sandals, fashionable women’s bags, and other women’s casual wear. Buy 2 items on the event page, you only need to spend $24.99 to take them home.

women's clothes promotion

Buy 3 products, the price is more favorable, you only need to pay $24.99 to achieve. The promotion will start from March 15th to the end of the month, please don’t miss it!


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