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Why Wrap Dresses Have Been Wardrobe Staple Since The 70’s

The wrap dress, which has been popular since the 70’s, is a dress silhouette for women of all ages and sizes. The simple design of wrap dresses that featured a tie waist, a v-neckline and A-line skirt absolutely show the feminine curves and bring confidence to them. As Diane Von Furstenberg, a fashion designer, said, “I would like to see that the wrap dress made those women confident, and made them act with confidence.”

The wrap dress is really designed for ladies. Whether a formal workplace or a romantic dating for a look, the wrap dress is a preferred choice for any day of a week because it can be worn in many various ways and it can set off different shapes. Here are three reasons why wrap dresses have been wardrobe staples since the 70’s.

#1.  Wrap Dresses Redefine Your Waist

Wrap dresses create an awfully slender effect by wrapping a tie waist in the slimmest part of the torso. Paired with V-neckline and A-line shirt, they enhance your chest and slim over your hips. This is an excellent choice for those who with a pear shape and those who desire to increase the body curves. Printing Short Dress / Slit Long Dress

#2. They Suit Women For All Ages & Shapes

The wrap dress has endless designs to be applicable for every age, lending charm to every woman whether you’re after a mini, midi or maxi wrap dress. Besides, because it is wrapped design, the inclusiveness for the body shapes is unprecedented. Wrapped DressLong Sleeve Dress

#3. Perfectly Wear It Anywhere, Anytime

From office look to wedding style, this style is absolutely perfect for every chic look. Worn with conventional pumps and fine jewelry, you are enticing on the scene! If you’re aiming to attend your special appointment, take into account a rose red or floral wrap dress with sandals. Slit Maxi Dress Floral Wrap Dress


Wrap dresses are flattering for all women. No matter you are what shape, no matter what are you going to attend the occasion, no matter how much you age,  it is a wrap dress can be done when you want to show your best glamour. It is not laborious to envision why wrap dresses have been wardrobe staple since the 70’s.


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