Women Bra Set from Victoria’s Secret VS Wholesale7

This year 2016’s Victoria’s Secret is hold in Grand Palais, and the most impressive Women Bra Set show began in Nov. 30th, and in the CBS broadcast on December 5.

As we all know that, Victoria ‘s Secret Fashion Show range of products including ladies underwear, women bra set, underwear, swimwear, casual women’s clothing, shoes, cosmetics and various kinds of clothes, perfumes, cosmetics, luxury shorts and related books, etc., which is the one of world’s most famous, sexy underwear brand.

Liu Wen was the first to board the Victoria’s secret underwear show Chinese supermodel. Do you know your Regional supermodel on Victoria?


So, bra sets are charming for every women, can you follow them after each show? Can you order the one you love? You see they are always not cheap.

However, most person choose the related style from the fashion show. This is Wholesale7’s women bra set, which is widely acclaimed in foreign countries and meet the needs of most female friends of fashion.




Which one will you choose and the price you want?

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