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Incredible World Cup 2018: All Predictions Have Been Overturned

Yesterday, Japan defeated Columbia and become the first Asia team to beat South America in the World Cup. It was a dramatic game – In the opening 2 minutes and 56 seconds, Colombian team Carlos Sanchez used his arm to block the Japanese player from shooting the empty goal. The referee made a penalty and sent him a red card. This is also the first red card of the tournament. 

So far, this World Cup has been a surprise. Many strong teams were down but the team that is not favored has played a beautiful game. On the first day of World Cup 2018, Russia as a host defeated Saudi Arabia by 5:0. It is hard to shake the host country’s unbeaten rule in its first battle. 

In the first round of World Cup, Argentina, as one of the top four in the last World Cup, actually scored 1-1 with Iceland, which turned out very different from what people expected. I think that a song should have been sung “Don’t cry for me, Argentina”. Coincidentally, Brazil also held to 1-1 draw by the first match with Switzerland. I already believe that nothing is impossible in Russia.

As the champion of the last World Cup, Germany’s defending battle attracted much attention. The fans of the German team burst out confidently: The German team has not lost the first game in 36 years. Unfortunately, Germany suffered a setback on their debut against Mexico, which it is hard to believe. In the 35th minutes, Germany’s doors were breached by Mexico. Germany collapsed. When Germany lost, many immediately remembered history: Remember, Germans never won in Moscow.

Mexico not only scored the ball. According to the information released by the Mexican government, Mexico City was excited at the moment of scoring and even created an artificial earthquake.

In fact, Germany is not the worst. As for the Netherlands, it has not been able to come to Russia. It is always a matter of vicissitudes. The first two World Cups were runners-up and third runners-up, but now they can only see the Icelandic younger brother performing.

More unfortunate is still Italy. He is also a world-class team and has won four championships. However, in the last three World Cups, the team failed to qualify in 2010 and 2014. In 2018, he simply left the World Cup and missed the World Cup for the first time in 60 years.

No permanent winners. There are always a few dark horses. Winning the World Cup is 99% of the perspiration and 1% of the luck. But this 1% of the luck is sometimes more important than the 99% of the perspiration. In short, Moscow is a bit cold this year.


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