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Affiliate Program

> What’s Our Affiliate Program                  > Steps To Receive Our Affiliate Commission

> How To Get Affiliate Codes?                   > Why Choose Us?

> Our Partners Historical Commission    > How Long We Inform You Of The Commission?


Ø  What’s Our Affiliate Program

Make your web traffic earn money for you. It means that, you don’t need a website and can earn money without having to sell anything actually! It’s easy to make money with our affiliate program. You can promote Wholesale7 products on your website, blog or SNS page and receive commission on any sale you successfully - Click here to register now!


Ø  Steps To Receive Our Affiliate Commission


Ø  Why Choose Us?

1. We offer up to 5% -10% commission rates. The more sales you generate, the more money you will earn.

2. Most customers buy more than $100.00 every time.

3. $0 Cost and easy to join.

4. Highly monthly income.

5. On-trendy style & colors with lower price and top quality.

6. Faster Delivery.

7. Twenty-four hours online customer service.


Ø  How To Get Affiliate Codes?

1. Register (or Sign in) an account first from our website.

2. Go to your user center, find Affiliate Program section, you will get your own individual products affiliate code links like Banner Referral, Products Report and Coupons Exclusive.

3. Or you can go to single Item page which you enjoy, click Make Money button, and you will get your unique code like following. Then, you can copy the corresponding code to your channel.

Find Make Money button: 

Get your unique code:



Ø  Our Partners Historical Commission


Ø  How Long We Inform You Of The Commission?

We will inform you if your sale is up to our commission rate rules. We make the feedback once a month (we deal with your last month's commission before next 20th every month)! If you do not receive our any message even you have finished the perfect sale in a month, you can also contact to us. Make a TEL: +86-020-87019439 or send us an email: We guarantee that we will help you solve the problem at once.