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Fashion Blogger Program

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1. Read fashion blogger policy,continue with "I Agree" button.

Do you own a fashion blog? Are you quite keen the fashion style trend? Can you always wear in style? Join wholesale7 fashion blogger program now. You will get wholesale7’s sponsor. Before you become a member of our fashion program, please read the policy fist. And then click the “I agree” button to the next step.

Fashion Blogger Policy

1. Requirements.

You have to own a fashion style blog above 1000 fans. Or have at least 5000 followers with one of your social platforms which are related to fashion trend.

2. Add Wholesale7 Promotion Icon On Your Blog.

As long as you become our fully fledged fashion reviewer, we need you to put our promotion Icon on the front side in your blog’s homepage, and they will link to each of the category pages.

3. Please Share Your Thoughts on Our Clothing Through Your Social Networks.

We will send you some of our new arrival samples or just give you some HD photos. You should take some photos and share your thoughts about our clothes. The most important step is to publish them in your blog, Lookbook, Facebook and twitter, etc. Before you publish the photos, reviews and comments, please email at to get the keywords. And make sure to add the link of the product page or the link of homepage ( In return, you may get the new arrival samples or the universal coupons.

4. Please Send Us an Email once You have Published Your Photos and Comments

Note: as different countries may have different custom duty policies, we can't estimate your import duty. Wholesale7 will try best to arrange appropriate logistics for our bloggers to avoid the customs duty. Any problems about your package please let us know in the first time.

5. Wholesale7 May Use Your Photos in Promotional Material.

We may collect photos and comments from your blog. At times, we may use the content on our Blog or Facebook Page. If it is available we will also link back to your blog to show where the image comes from. If you do not agree, please inform us in advance.

That's all! We can't wait to see you join us. Click “I agree” to start our fashion blogger program.

I Agree No,Thanks

Our Fashion Blogger Show

Are you own fashion blogs and as fashion blogger now? Or you just keen to fashion style trend of dresses, shoes and bags?
Why not join Wholesale7 Fashion Bloggers Program right now! We sponsor fashion bloggers for free clothes in fashion styles trend. Moreover, you can win our universal coupons for your next shopping!
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If you are going to choose the fashion styles in free, but you have no idea about them, we can give you some advice here. To top selling must be floral dresses in the most fashion circle, you can find floral in top, sexy or casual design from us. Summer is a good time for mens dress shirts or polo shirts. Besides, it's a wise choice for family sets suits.