4 Quick Tricks To Wear Floral Prints Every Girl Should Learn

Floral prints trends are nothing new. However, floral prints dresses are always our wardrobe staple year after year.  Why does every girl love floral prints? I think part of the reason why we love floral prints is its diversity. Floral prints can make you feel sweet and glamorous. Whether exaggerated prints or small calico, they can shape you in various styles. Today I’m going to share some awesome inspirations for your floral wardrobe.

Tops & Bottoms

One of the best ways to wear floral well is to wear one piece. Instead of having floral prints from the head down to the toe, try a floral top or bottoms. All of them are a perfect fit for most of your basic items in your wardrobe. This way allows you into the floral world without being overwhelmed by them.

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From Head To Toe In Floral

If you are really into floral, the easy way to embrace this style completely is to bring floral dresses in your wardrobe. The printed dresses are the cute way to break up the single color and immerse yourself in the world of flowers, which sounds like a funny thing to do. In the meanwhile, you can match with a jacket or a cardigan when the weather changes. Floral prints come with endless possibilities and there are tons of ways to make them fit your style.

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Tiny Floral & Large Floral

Floral prints of different sizes have various styles. A tiny floral print can be a good way to show your good mood, and it is sweeter and softer. Wearing a bold, large floral print is a great try and it allows you to look feminine and glamorous. But it looks always complicated. You need to find something that makes you look confident and good so you don’t feel overwhelmed by the “lots of Huge floral”.

SHOP THE LOOKFloral Maxi Dress  /  Floral Wrap Dress


Consider taking floral print into your outfit as an accessory. You can wear an interesting floral shoe and or a floral bag. Besides, it is playful to wear a floral scarf or a printed headband to create highlights for your look. This is an easy way to bring some flowers to your day.

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Floral prints as a perennial trend will certainly be loved and accepted by the public. I hope this post inspired you to find your favorite floral style.


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