5 Different Ways To Dress Plaid Blazers Well This Season

5 Different Ways To Dress Plaid Blazers Well This Season

As the temperature drops, coats become the highlight of matching outfits between seasons transition. When it comes to the hottest coat this season, admittedly, it is plaid blazers. In fact, plaid blazers have been on fire since last year. This year, instead of showing no sign of wearing out,  it is even more flamboyant. Take out your plaid blazer(buy one here) and embrace the trend this season by the below rules to make your statement.

Plaid Blazers Style

Look 1: White Tops + Jeans

The most effortless chic for plaid blazers is with a white top and blue jeans. Both of these items can brighten the dull plaid and grab the limelight.

Plaid Blazer

Plaid Blazer Style

Look 2: All White

The idea is the same as above. Replace jeans with white pants and all white can give a refreshing look. This look is so special in the crowd wearing deep and rich colors of autumn and winter. Weather permitting, white skirts are also perfect to match.

all white with laid blazers

All White Outfits With Plaid Blazers

Look 3: Suits + White T-shirt

It is particularly popular to wear a full suit this year. If you work most of the time, wearing a full suit is a great way to save your time to think of what to wear every day. I recommend that wear a white T-shirt to break down the dull of a full suit.

Women Suit Style

Look 4: Wrap a Belt

If you want to make your plaid blazer look special at work, try wrapping a belt around it, especially for those without the waistline. It looks more styling.

A plaid blazer with a belt

Look 5: Printed Skirt

Bring your summer floral dresses into fall. The plaid blazer collides with bolder printed skirts and creates a fabulous reaction. Apart from printed skirts, it’s pretty to wear a trendy leopard print skirt.

Plaid blazer with printed skirt


Giddy up! Wake up your fall wardrobe by an on-trend plaid blazer. Need more fashion inspiration?


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