Dress Code | 8 Ways To Wear Your T-shirts In Chic Style
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Dress Code | 8 Ways To Wear Your T-shirts In Chic Style

The summer without cola is lonely, similarly, the lack of a T-shirt in the summer is not complete. A T-shirt is the most basic of the item to prop up a wonderful and chic summer. T-shirts are such common item making lots of fashion icon to be put it down. See what the correct collocation patterns for T-shirts are.

T-shirt + Jeans

Points to wear: the texture of T-shirt cannot be cheap

T-shirt with jeans

pattern T-shirt

The most common daily dress is T-shirt with jeans, looking like refreshing and comfortable. If you don’t feel like a simple pure white T-shirt, you can also choose a more exaggerated pattern T-shirt, which is easy to grab attention and upgrade your look.

T-shirt + High Waist Trousers

Point to wear: T-shirt hem and waistband need to leave a 3-5cm gap

T-shirt with High Waist Trousers

If your waist and belly lines are smooth enough, short T-shirts can be bold to wear out, with high waist pants showing fashionable temperament. Even if you’re not a supermodel with a “leg length 1.8-meter”, you can also wear out a good percentage. Showing only a little waist skin and legs can get rid of the hot feeling.

T-shirt + Color Casual Pants

Point to wear: the color of the trousers should have the high saturation of color

T-shirt with Color Casual Pants

We can also try a little more colorful style to wake up lazy late spring and summer.

T-shirt + Short Skirt

Point to wear: Skirts should have a lot of texture and be more personalized

T-shirt with Short Skirt

Wearing the T-shirt with a short skirt is the ablest to create a sense of youth and adolescent. Only need to choose the basis of the combination of a single item can meet the daily wear.

T-shirt + Slip Dress

Point to wear: the layering of dresses need to be particularly effective

T-shirt with Slip Dress

Wearing T-shirts with a slip dress can complete the look and add an extra layer. Except for the pure color dresses, we can go to bright color dresses. Choosing a simple pure color T-shirt can highlight the brilliant dress.

T-shirt + Suit Jacket

Point to wear: white T-shirt can show temperament most

T-shirt with Suit Jacket

You can use the white T-shirt as a base for all kinds of suit jackets. This is also suitable to wear in uncertain weather.

T-shirt + Lace Bra

Point to  wear: plain T-shirts  are the best choice

T-shirt with Lace Bra

We always think about how to use another dress to match with T-shirt but never thought of one day with our bra to match. Kendall Jenner dare to do it! She wore a black lace bra outside a white T-shirt and blew up a new fashion trend. Of course, you can also choose a T-shirt with V-neck and a little lace bra, that is sexy enough. white T-shirt

T-shirt + Accessories

Point to wear: Accessories need to be interesting and unique

The more basic the dressing, the more delicate the matching details. Add a few accessories and you can instantly jump out of the crowd. Necklaces, earrings, and scarves are good choices. T-shirt with Accessories T-shirt with scarves

This is the best time to wear T-shirts. Let’s be the most fashionable “T-shirt girl”.


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