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Retro Guide: Fashion Blogger Tells You How To Dress Vintage Style

The most eye-catching fashion trend is the rise of vintage style. Lots of famous fashion brands, such as Moschino, Givenchy, Marc Jacobs, have launched a series of vintage clothing. How to dress vintage style is an important issue for us. This reminds me of the Spanish fashion blogger María Bernad.

María Bernad, from Madrid, likes wearing the 90 ‘s sense of the elliptical retro sunglasses. Maria, who is already a blogger with 230,000 fans on the Instagram, has opened an ancient shop called Les Fleurs. In fact, If you often pay attention to fashion week outside the street pat, you should have already familiar with her. She often wears a broad-shouldered suit.

María Bernad

fashion blogger María Bernad

María Bernad vintage look

Let’s look for the inspiration from Maria’s daily dress and know how to dress vintage style.

  • All-White

Stacked white items, all white not only has the visual cooling effect in the summer, also has the feeling of retro. It can be said to be the best example of the vintage style.

vintage all white dress

retro all white look

all white look in vintage style

retro style all white

  • Plaid

This year, the plaid is particularly hot, reminding of Audrey Hepburn’s favorite – Vichy plaid. It is suitable for the summer beach, imaging oneself is the 60 ‘s poster girl.

vintage Vichy plaid

retro Vichy plaid top

In addition, color plaid trousers and plaid dresses looking like from the grandmother’s wardrobe, is also one key to wear into a vintage girl. With a solid black or white blouse, the look is enough to absorb.

color vintage plaid pants

vintage plaid skirt

  • Polka Dot & Stripe

Polka dots always has a way of catching people’s eyes effortlessly, and it will never be outdated.  Polka dot and stripes, like the traffic lights on the road, always be eye-catching.

vintage polka dot skirt

retro polka dots top

polka dots headband

vintage stripe look

  • Satin Blouses

Someone says satin blouses is hard to handle. In fact, do not use satin to match overly ornate accessories and heavy materials, and maintain a relaxed and refreshing color.

fashion satin blouse

vintage stripe satin blouse

retro satin blouse

  •  White Shirts

Maria also wears all kinds of white shirts. A white shirt is the most important items in her vintage style. Wearing some accessories can make the whole look in vintage styles, such as black belts, gold earrings and necklace, and headbands.

whirt shirt in retro style

vintage gold accessories

fashion and vintage blouse with black belt

  • Broad-shouldered Suits

Well-fitting suits are boring and stuffy. Broad-shouldered suits can update your look and be fashionable. Besides, your head will look smaller wearing broad-shouldered suits.

vintage Broad-shouldered Suits

retro Broad-shouldered Suits

  • Similar-colored Collocation

All look wearing Similar color is particularly hot this year, such as pink & red, blue & violet.

vintage pink & red

vintage all-yellow look

retro blue & violet


Trends are changing every year, even in every quarter. But vintage style has always appeared on the fashion catwalks. If you’re a retro-style fanatic, you can see a movie called The Dressmaker and watch a TV series called Midge Maisel. You’re absolutely amazed by the way the heroine dresses in the show.


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