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How To Dress Up A Long Sleeve T-Shirt Dress?

Compared to the cold winter, I think girls prefer the feeling of summer. The biggest advantage of summer is that you can wear a dress at will. Because it is not only cool but also more fashionable than pants and other clothing.

long sleeve dress

But, wearing a suspender dress for a long time is also prone to a problem that is uneven skin tone is easily exposed on the shoulders. Once the skin color cannot be restored to its original state, we will not be able to wear a dress properly in the future.

As a skincare expert, my usual method is to wear a long sleeve t-shirt dress. The design of the long-sleeved shirt skirt prevents us from exposing the skin around the shoulders as we want so that we can’t reflect the sexy of girls.

black long sleeve dress

Most conservative shirt skirts are short styles. Its upper body is conservative, and the design of the lower body with exposed legs has the same effect as the sling design. Girls don’t have to worry about being conservative and formal in dressing. Besides, the shirt dress relieves the trouble of tanning the shoulders. The skirt can be worn anytime. But if the skin is sunburned, it cannot be reversed. Thus, the shirt dress is still very good.

Tips For Wearing A Shirt Dress

Before I felt the benefits of shirt dresses, my first choice was suspender skirts. The matching choice of suspender dress is much simpler and easier than pants. A nice suspender skirt is usually combined with flat sandals. As long as you make sure that you can expose your shoulders and calves, and the overall look is not short, there will be no major problems.

Compared with suspender dresses, matching shirt skirts is much more difficult. Because the long sleeve t-shirt dress almost wraps the skin from the shoulder to the arm tightly, it eliminates the practice of exposing certain parts to get sexy.

But, girls do not have to worry. When God closes a door for you, he also opens a window for you. If we can’t work hard on the upper body of the long sleeve t dress, we can still make a fuss on the lower body. Sometimes, a pair of seemingly humble shoes can make a long sleeve t-shirt dress shine. How do we do it?

Four Classic Combinations Of Shirt Dresses

Long sleeve t-shirt dresses are not as versatile as hanging dresses. If you don’t match it properly, you may wear it like working in the workplace. Below I recommend four classic combinations of long-sleeved shirt skirts. Although they are not new ways of matching, they can guarantee that you won’t go wrong. Let’s take a look!

White Shirt Dress + Drown High Heel Sandals

Since you want to choose a shirt dress, girls must not miss the white series of styles, especially the slightly spacious white shirt dress. Why choose a loose style?

Casual Pure Color Drawstring Long Sleeve Shirt Dress

I think there are two reasons. The first point is that a loose shirt skirt will not look like a white shirt with a suit base, and is more lazy and casual. The second point is that loose styles are more comfortable to wear. Whether it is ventilation or perspiration, loose styles are better.

So, what kind of shoes should go with a white long-sleeved shirt dress? The best choice for shoes is naturally light brown high heels.

Trendy Chain Decor Square Toe Womens Sandals

Light brown high heels can blend with your skin tone. In the case of short skirts, light brown shoes can not only lengthen the visual angle of your legs but also highlight the presence of shirt dresses, rather than overwhelming. Have you learned the matching skills of a white shirt dress and light brown high heel sandals?

Blue Shirt Dress + Black High Heels

In daily life, the light blue long sleeve t-shirt dress also has a good audience. The same light fabric, the light blue series is more every day and more durable than white.

Back Letter Print Long Sleeve Shirt Dress

The light blue is not too monotonous, nor too eye-catching. Although it belongs to the oversized style, the design of the lantern sleeves on both sides makes the overall look more balanced.

Round Toe Solid High Heel Summer Sandals

So, is the blue long-sleeved shirt dress also matched with light brown shoes? no! Light blue is not as clean as white. If you still choose shoes that are similar to your skin color, you will feel top-heavy. So we need to add another tone to the lower body to balance, such as classic black high heels.

Yellow Shirt Dress + White Shoes

Yellow is a very playful color. Young girls should start with a similar yellow long-sleeved shirt dress. This skirt is not a soft chiffon fabric, but an airy cotton and linen style so it has a very good version.

Drawstring Long Sleeve Women Mini Dress

And its skirt is designed with folds, making the lower part of the body present an inverted V shape so that your legs look more slender.

Simple Solid Stiletto Cheap Sandals

As for the shoes, I can’t think of any color shoes that are more suitable than white high heels. The elegant white and bright yellow form a color contrast, which complements each other’s distinctive characteristics and at the same time can be well combined in everything. Have you learned that?

Common Accessories To Match With Shirt Dresses

Regarding the wear of shirt dresses, we can’t just consider the shoes, there is room for other places to play. Some people say that they carry a nice bag. Girls have to take bags when they go out. This point does not need to be repeated. Here we can consider matching the following necklaces, hats, belts, and other accessories.

Shiny Rhinestone Cross Pendant Layered Necklace

When many girls wear long-sleeved shirt dresses, they like to open the neckline to the maximum to show a little femininity. If the neckline is too open, it is easy to appear empty under the neck. If a girl wears a golden necklace around her neck before going out, the overall look is not only fashionable but also very advanced.

Shiny Rhinestone Cross Pendant Layered Necklace

Preppy Style Beach Travel Fedora Hat

In the summer, how can we lose the existence of woven straw hats? A good woven straw hat can take you from the bustling modern city back to the leisurely countryside. Whether it’s for vacation or taking a group of beautiful photos!

Straw Hat Weaving Holiday Sun Hat

Simple Butterfly Clothing Accessories Body Chain

If you feel uncomfortable with the style of loose shirt dresses, you have to buy a belt. Because doing so can not only expose your waistline but also can be used as a decoration, it can be said to kill two birds with one stone!

Simple Butterfly Clothing Accessories Body Chain

In short, the long sleeve t-shirt dress is not a conservative style that has nothing to do with fashion. Girls only need to find the right matching skills and add some accessories such as necklaces, hats, and belts appropriately, and they will be able to wear unique fashionable styles! If you want to know more about long-sleeved dresses, you can click here.

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