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Black Friday 2020 Wholesale7 Discount Is Coming Soon!

As the weather gets colder, 2020 is gradually coming to an end, and the most anticipated Christmas is also coming soon. But before Christmas comes, we can not forget another important holiday that is Black Friday 2020.

Shopping spree

Black Friday 2020 is still the same as in previous years so that it is a carnival for people who like to shop. One or two months before the festival, they have already begun to control their desire to shop and wait patiently for the promotional discounts brought by the shopping carnival. You must be like this too, right?

Black Friday

There are too many merchants participating in the 2020 Black Friday discount activities, and many of them even routinely routine consumers to increase the price before discount. If you accidentally buy this part of the product, you will fall into the trap of the merchant.

Because the product will be discounted after the price increase, the sales price is even higher than the original price. To avoid falling into their trap, we must find good merchants when shopping. So, what are the reliable platforms for Black Friday 2020?


If you want to choose and shop for cheap products, I highly recommend you go to Wholesale 7 for purchase. What is wholesale7? Wholesale7 is an online sales platform that has been in operation for nearly ten years.

The products sold include clothing, fashion bags, shoes, accessories, and other types. As long as you shop here, you can buy all the products at once. It is a good choice to save time and effort. Many people like online shopping thanks to the convenience of online shopping, so they can buy the products without going out.

While enjoying the convenience, we will also take a certain risk that is the wrong product. After some customers have purchased products on certain platforms and received the goods, they found that the goods had problems but were unable to return them. So they have to suffer a lot of losses.

If you encounter the same problem in Wholesale7, you have the right to return the goods after 14 days after receipt. It means you do not need to worry about the wrong goods when you shop on Wholesale7.

Except for this, Wholesale7 will also carry out promotional activities for customers from time to time, allowing customers to buy the most products with the least amount of money. As a consumer, my favorite thing is to buy products with reduced prices during the discount period.

To buy the same product, we spend $10 during the non-holiday period, but only $5 during the holiday period. Some people may not care about the extra five dollars, but the accumulation of several orders can be more than five dollars. Right? So we must not miss a good time like the holiday sale. Thus, during Black Friday 2020, what kind of promotional activities did Wholesale7 carry out? Let’s take a look!

Black Friday Sale

Black Friday is a festival of shopping carnival. During Black Friday 2020, Wholesale7 can’t miss the holiday promotion. During the Black Friday period, pairs of hats, hair accessories, earrings, belts and clothing, and other products have all launched price reduction promotions, and some products are even priced as low as $0.32.


Hats are one of the must-have accessories for many people, especially in winter. In the cold winter, whether it is boys or girls wearing a hat on their heads can help resist the cold and fix the hairstyle. This cape cap is one of the very popular types in winter. It can be well-matched with winter clothes such as sweaters and coats. Its original price was close to $7, but after the discount, it only costs less than $5.


Hair Accessories

For women with long hair, how to keep their hair from being disturbed by the cold wind is a headache. Although long hair can prevent the neck from being blown by the cold winter wind, the hair is more likely to be messed up by the wind. Hairbands can prevent hair from being messed up. So the sales of headbands will also increase significantly during Black Friday, similar to these hats. The original price of these headbands ranged from $14 to $15. After the promotion, the price dropped to $11.

Hair Accessories

Necklace And Earrings

Beauty is a woman’s nature. No woman can refuse beautiful necklaces and earrings. Although the prices of small accessories such as necklaces and earrings are not as expensive as clothes or other products, the money saved by the discount is indeed a considerable expense.

Necklace And Earrings

During Black Friday 2020, Wholesale7 necklaces and earrings have participated in discounts. Many products have been reduced by 1 to 2 dollars or more. If you have a lot of shopping needs for earrings and necklaces, you can save even more money by buying them at Wholesale7.

Clothing Accessories

The arrival of Black Friday means that most areas have entered a cold winter and it is the cheapest time of the year for us to buy some winter clothes or related accessories. The scarf is one of the essential items in winter cause it can resist the cold well. The lower the temperature, the higher the demand for scarves.

Clothing Accessories

In addition to resisting the cold, the scarf can be used as an accessory too. In winter, we often wrap ourselves in thick dark coats, so we seem very rigid. A plaid scarf or red scarf can solve such problems. Wholesale7 scarves are participating in the discount event. You can enjoy a lot of discounts when you buy them at this time!

Free Shipping Activities

Is this the only way for Wholesale7 activities? Of course more than that. Below, please highlight the key points. In addition to discounts on clothing, jewelry, and other products, Wholesale7 will also carry out the shipping free promotion from November 27 to 29! Although the second round of wholesale shipping free activities will end tomorrow, Wholesale7 will be going to launch the third round of shipping free promotion within three days on November 27th and 29th. At that time, as long as you purchase a certain amount of goods, you can enjoy preferential free shipping service! Don’t miss it!

Free Shipping Activities

Black Friday 2020 is a carnival holiday for shoppers and a time for merchants to hold various promotional activities. This year, Wholesale7 will not only carry out price reduction activities for clothing, jewelry, and other products but also hold free postal activities at the same time. The discount is very strong, and it is difficult to meet again if you miss it. Now there are about two weeks before the arrival of Black Friday, please follow us in the countdown!


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