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Halloween Carnival Sale at Wholesale7 – Up to 35% Off

Who doesn’t love a bargain? If you’re looking for a discount on Halloween costumes and accessories, we’re here to help!

Our awesome Halloween sale section has every clothing you need to celebrate your favorite holiday. There’s a little bit of everything here.

Explore our complete Halloween sale collection to find just what you need while saving money!

Moreover, we have Synthesize Halloween Card – a Halloween Game which is designed to deliver a ghoulishly fun game with all the supper coupons of a Halloween party. Find more information below.

Find Adult Costumes On Sale

Halloween costumes

Did you know that Americans spend almost as much money on Halloween as they do on Christmas? It’s true! And while you may want to celebrate your favorite spooky holiday, you probably wouldn’t mind saving a bit of cash, too. Well, don’t worry!

Wholesale7 has plenty of great costumes available online in our Halloween sale section. These outfits are perfect for the holiday and are also a great fit for costume parties, conventions, and much more.

Best of all, our Halloween costumes for adults come in a range of sizes and styles for men and women so everyone can join in the fun. Who will you become?

Explore Our Kids Halloween Costumes On Sale

Every child wants to be someone or something new on Halloween – and there’s a good chance that last year’s costume doesn’t fit anymore anyway! What’s a budget-minded parent to do?

Check out our costumes on sale! Wholesale7 has an amazing assortment of Halloween costumes and accessories on sale so your child can enjoy their favorite holiday in style.

Explore our complete selection to find characters they’re sure to love at prices you can’t pass up.

Does your little one want to be a princess? A powered-up video game star? A magical monster? No matter what, Wholesale7 can help their dreams come true. Explore our Halloween sale to find the right look!

Get Great Sale Prices On Halloween Accessories for Under $5

Halloween isn’t just about costumes and candy – a lot of people like to go all out with accessories that range from family-friendly to terrifying.

If you want to create a whole new look while staying within your Halloween budget, check out our amazing assortment of discount Halloween accessories.

We’ve got a bit of everything here.

Best of all, the discounts on our Halloween accessories help you save money so you can get even more great Halloween accessories. Browse our selection and get started today!

About Synthesize Halloween Card Game

Halloween game - synthesize Halloween Card

How to Play?

Collect 6 different ghost cards (pumpkin/midnight ghost/witch/vampire/mummy/skeleton) to synthesize the Halloween Card and get a super coupon (up to $50) during 29th Sep to 20th Oct

But what should be noted is that one user can only compose one Halloween Card.

How to Get These Cards?

  • Three chances a day to rotate the turntable and get your ghost cards.
  • Download the App
  • Share a link to friends on Facebook
  • 100 store credits could redeem one chance to draw (three times a day)
  • 1000 store credits could redeem for any card (only one chance)

After synthesized the Halloween card, the remaining cards can be redeemed for coupons (up to $15)

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