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About Black Friday Shopping Day

Two of the biggest shopping days online are quickly approaching: Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the day after American Thanksgiving which marks the start of the Christmas holiday shopping season for consumers. As a result, suppliers heavily promote their stores by marking down prices to entice shoppers to buy products from their stores both online and offline.


What started as a one-day event eventually became a four-day looking event ending on Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday is actually a similar kind of event falling on Monday once Black Friday. However, sales are catered to on-line buyers.


Typically, prices ar marked down for the four day weekend. Some retailers opt for differing kinds of Black Fri deals for each of the four days. For example, a fashion supplier might have 50% off everything on Black Fri, obtain One Get One Free on a weekday, 30% off Sweaters on Sunday, and 50% off on-line purchases on Monday. There aren’t any rules for these four days. Suppliers have the liberty to line their Black Fri deals anyway they’d wish to higher lure purchases.

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The Real Black Friday Meaning

Black Friday’s means might look business-driven. However the shopping event was truly started by shoppers. it had been discovered first in Philadelphia which will always have high traffic the day after Thanksgiving. This is when Black Fri was first coined with the shopping twist and it dates back to 1961. Though, the first Black Fri truly had a lot less to do with shopping. However, today, it’s an incident that helps wholesalers and retailers move from red to black before the end of the year.

Why is Black Friday Important?

Finder mentioned that in 2018 the average adult spends $483.18 on the shopping holiday, which adds up to $90.14 billion. That is no walk in the park!

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