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Latest Chanel Cruise 2019 & Prada Resort 2019 Show

In Chanel Cruise 2019 fantastic Paris show, a giant ship called “La Pausa” appeared on the runway to display a cruise show. Actually,  “La Pausa” is a summer house on the French Riviera owned by  Gabrielle Chanel in 1930s.

Along the boat, models wearing “La Pausa” sweaters and berets showed us plenty of white and navy stripes, of course, Chanel’s symbolic tweed. Some of them wore ruffles and sequins. Surprisingly, almost 88 models wore a pair of tights – it outs of fashion for a long time, and Mary Jane’s sneakers. You can’t imagine that how many fashion girls will rush out the street with a pair of tights and sneakers in the future.

Kristen Stewart, Lily-Rose Depp, and Margot Robbie attended Chanel Cruise 2019 Show

This year, Prada Resort 2019 was not held in Milan but moved to the Piano Factory in New York. In the show floor, bare architectural structures and expressive concrete pillars can be seen throughout the space, demonstrating a powerful sculpture beauty.

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#PradaResort19 takes place on floor 7. Here, the building’s naked structure with its expressive concrete pillars becomes visible: a space of powerful sculptural beauty. The space, designed by @herzogdemeuron, is kept as open and empty as possible for the fashion show. Only one new element is added to the space: large floating panels, adapted from the size of the existing windows that define the space from the outside. The semi-transparent panels reflect the cityscape outside and thus transfer images of the real city deep inside the space of the show. In addition to the real image of the city, other images of virtual cityscapes are projected onto the boards. The models walking the runway also appear on the surface of the panels. The result is an intriguing mix of inside and outside, of analogical and virtual realities. Artificial light enhances reflection and transparency within the red, dark silver, and black show space. To enhance the artificiality and to contrast with the sunset outside red panels and a lighting system installed on the windows create an “augmented sunset” atmosphere. Experience the space designed by #herzogdemeuron via link in bio.

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Paying attention to the catwalk, you will find that the style of girls for Prada Resort serious are vintage and sharp, wearing tailored slacks and printed suits.

In the tailoring style of the skirt, Prada Resort 2019 series still emphasizes the fit design, whether it is a sling dress or a low-cut skirt with a coat. Besides, there are flounces, brocade prints, and tulle elements that undoubtedly increase the look of this season’s skirts, while being quite girlish.

Colored leather is one of the things shocked you. The soft texture and fantastic color weakened the toughness of the leather, which make you notice that the leather is also lifeful and suitable for young girls.


Compared with Chanel, I prefer Prada, because of its unique design standing out girls’ characters. Girls wearing Prada fashion clothes are always eye-catching and maverick on the streets. However, fashion trend is just a conception generated by fashion designers. Finding the most suitable and best style for yourself is the most important and then you are the most fashionable.


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