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Cannes Festival, Why Others Are So Noble And Elegant

The Cannes Festival Film began, and the clothes worn by the stars looked so fashionable, so noble and elegant. Looking at myself, I am a little sad.

The bad mood mainly comes from self-respect. To make myself feel better, I might go shopping, listening to music, or sleeping. Shopping may be my favorite way. Spend some money to buy some beautiful clothes, shoes or some beautiful accessories, which will make me feel better – and more beautiful. what about you? What do you do when you are in a bad mood?

Before I go shopping, I will watch some of today’s magazines, brands and trends will help me spend less. Now, I saw the clothes that people showed at the Cannes Festival. Cannes Festival is actually a fashion circle, stars as a model, show us the trend of fashion.

Apparently, the dress is the protagonist of this time. Bodycon dress, Evening dress, Sicily dress, etc. have a very high appearance rate at the show, accounting for 85%.

badycon dress

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evening dress

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off shoulder print dress

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In addition, printed clothing is also very outstanding. Whether it’s maxi dress, bags or shoes, flowers are not disappointing. It not only adds elegance and beauty to the outfit but also makes you look very elegant. If the clothes or bags are dark, the floral pattern of silver or other bright, striking colors looks very beautiful. But if the base color of the garment is very light, the simple floral prints in red and pink look good.

floral print dress

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