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Polka-dots: A timeless fashion trend

It’s a typical young person’s fashion and you’ve worn polka dots clothes before. While there’s a nostalgia to wearing them now, there’s a fine line between fun trends and naivete.


So, how to wear a never-ending dot costume without being too naive?

Polka-dot clothes are popular

Luckily, the designers created these patterns through a new fashion perspective, and finally bid farewell to the days of childish dot patterns. Successfully combine fashion sophistication with casual style.

Both Givenchy and Louis Vuitton moved the polka-dot costumes to Fashion Week. And the exquisite circles appeared in a lively and naughty form, giving people a bright, refreshing and energetic style.


Yet, for W7 (Wholesale7), the classic print and the combination of various elements (Hollow Mesh & Fringe and strips Leopard. etc.) can make the clothing diversified in style, giving people more choices. Create more fashion and create a personal style with a distinct personality.

1、Polka Dot Ruffled Straps Dress

2、Crew Neck Polka Dots Sleeveless Midi Dress

3、V Neck Tie-Wrap Flounce Hem Polka Dot Dresses


This season, W7 launched a variety of popular elements (Polka-dots, Hellow mesh & Fringe. etc.) style clothing, shoes & bags, Accessories. W7 clothes have chosen exquisite fabrics and smooth contours, and the popular costume elements create a sophisticated and stylish personal stage for you. Buy now and enjoy up to 60% off.

Thus, polka dots & plaid can add some interesting elements to your life. Change your clothes, order some popular fashion costumes, go shopping, at home, make bold changes, let the inner little playfulness come alive.



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