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I Changed My Mind About Cargo Pants for Men. Here’ s Why

It’s the most annoying season of the year—Summer. What are you most worried and afraid of? High temperature? Or is it the heat blown from the outside of the air conditioner? This is not a problem for me. What I struggle with the most is what I should wear to make myself fashionable. Yes, this is a common problem for many men.

Men's overalls

If it was before, I would dig out the expensive jeans in my closet, and pair them with the wide short sleeves I bought from the roadside stall and a pair of sneakers. The outfit of this whole combination is what I think is the best fashion outfit for the whole summer. I even maintained this style for several years. It’s ridiculous and cliché, right? We have to admit that men’s jeans are losing their dominance in men’s trousers.

fashion men

Just when I lost my interest in jeans, I found a new treasure. What is the treasure? The treasure is cargo pants for men. It replaced jeans in my heart and became my favorite popular product this year. Are overalls so good? Any recommendations? please watch the following part!

Cool man

Why do I like cargo pants for men? Because of its complicated design and cumbersome sagging feeling, I love it. The style it shows is no longer as clean and neat as skinny jeans but has a cold and lazy feeling. This is why I want to slow down my pace. It foretells some of my attitude towards life to some extent.

Chic Pure Color Pencil Cargo Pants For Men

The first fresh experience brought me by cargo pants for men is the choice of colors. As we all know, there are only a few classic styles of jeans, such as ripped jeans, low-rise leggings, washed jeans, and so on. It’s hard to avoid getting tired of wearing too much.

Chic Pure Color Pencil Cargo Pants For Men

The overalls gave me different choices, such as black, gray, brown, and green. If you have developed immunity to the blue color of jeans, choosing cool brown overalls is good.

Green trendy Pocket-Designed Loose Cargo Pants For Men

Many men limit their choices to jeans and black series of clothing, but they don’t know that there are still many treasures to be explored, such as the green one in the picture.

Trendy Pocket-Designed Loose Cargo Pants For Men

These trousers are made of waterproof fabric. Its surface is smooth and clean, the stitching is exquisite and perfect, and there is almost no extra thread. Its level of workmanship is first-class.

Brown trendy Pocket-Designed Loose Cargo Pants

These light brown overalls are the same type as the above one, but because of the different colors, the styles formed are also different. The combination of green pants and black tops is more individual, while light brown cargo pants for men give people a homely and casual everyday style. Of course, I suggest you start with both. Because its unit price is only $20.

Trendy Pocket-Designed Loose Cargo Pants For Men (2)

Pockets Reflective Line Design Cargo Pants

Gray overalls are a more popular type of men’s trousers recently too. The overall look has a sporty feel, but it is not entirely true. Because the appearance design of cargo pants is much more complicated than that of sports pants. It helps to increase the sense of layering and load-bearing, and it appears that your lower body will have a sense of strength.

Pockets Reflective Line Design Cargo Pants

New Arrival Drawstring Pencil Multi-Pocket Cargo Pants

Among the overalls, the black series, as always, has become the most popular style among men. Because the dim black will swallow up the design and pattern of the pants, these trousers can be designed with two heavy decorative pockets on the conspicuous front of the pants, and a silver zipper is specially added to the pockets to further protrude the pants presence.

New Arrival Drawstring Pencil Multi-Pocket Cargo Pants2

Trendy Velvet Loose Cargo Pants With Pocket

Most men will only consider the choice of shorts when choosing beach pants. The tooling-style wide shorts are an excellent helper to create fashionable outfits. When the design of shorts is too simple and the fabric is soft cotton, it can easily become a pajama-style suitable for the home only. Do you dare to wear it out?

Trendy Velvet Loose Cargo Pants With Pocket

After adding pockets, suspenders, zippers, and other cumbersome and industrial-style elements to the wide pants. Even if the fabric it is applied to is suede material, there will be no home pajama style. Pairing these shorts with purple short sleeves is fashionable and beautiful. So please rest assured to wear it.

Plain Loose Pockets Short Cargo Pants

Shorts made of suede materials are a rare style among men’s pants. I classify it as a unique product. If you don’t want to be too unique, we can choose waterproof nylon fabric. Compared with suede material, this fabric is lighter and more comfortable to wear.

Plain Loose Pockets Short Cargo Pants

After I have a new choice, my jeans have been put in the storage box to accumulate dust. Compared with jeans, cargo pants for men are not only diverse in styles but also more comfortable in fabrics. I no longer have to worry about making big moves, and I don’t have to worry about matching pants. As long as a simple pair of cargo pants for men and a fashionable men’s short sleeve, you are the coolest man on the pedestrian street. 

So, do you still insist on choosing jeans? Please don’t do this, give yourself a chance to try the new options. If you want to learn more about men’s wear, please click here.


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