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9 Cult-Favorite Cross Shoulder Bag Products You Should Know

It’s the annual season again, and it’s time to change the daily necessities in the closet. Usually, I consider the replacement of the bag first. Because the dress will undoubtedly be my first choice for summer clothes, and choosing a good cross shoulder bag for the skirt is a very urgent matter to be solved.

Ladies' woven bag

Many boys mistakenly believe that girls are keen to buy good-looking clothes. This is a paranoid idea. Many girls are willing to spend time on a cross shoulder bag. I don’t know whether you have the same problem as me or not.

Although the clothes on the body look good, you can’t find a suitable package to match it. For me, this whole set of collocations will be scrapped, and the time spent will be wasted. It can be seen how important it is to choose a good fashion bag.

Retro fashion bag

There are a lot of fashionable packages sold online or in physical stores. As long as there is enough money in the wallet, you can buy different types and styles of fashionable shoulder bags. But, it is more difficult for you to find a messenger bag that fits your mind. Do you think so too?

Python pattern bag

Below are 9 cross-body bags that I have carefully selected from many popular products. See if there are any you like!

All-Match Contrast Color Prevailing Cross Shoulder Bag With Handle

The fashionable cross shoulder bag of the white series is the best partner to wear with summer clothes. This summer, I chose a leather bucket white.

All-Match Contrast Color Prevailing Shoulder Bag With Handle

The main part of this bag uses a combination of black and white to create a minimalist style. The minimalist style tends to give people a tedious feeling. Fortunately, the shoulder strap of this package uses rainbow stripes, which are fused with a variety of colors, making the bag look clean, tidy, generous, and beautiful as a whole.

Simple Deer Pendant Cross Shoulder Bag

The black series of bags have always had the same status as the former one. I like the purity, mystery, and the texture that black package gives people. So, I usually choose a pure black, matte black crossbody bag. Of course, it will also contain some small accessories. Gold-related pendants best set off the high level of the package.

Simple Deer Pendant Crossbody Shoulder Bag

Retro Patchwork Large Capacity Crossbody Shoulder Bags

In recent years, the design of fashionable women’s bags has been constantly pursuing innovation to give people an unprecedented experience. But my wardrobe still leaves room for retro bags. I feel that when people are constantly moving forward, they always have to look back at the past to fill up the emptiness brought by the fast-paced life.

Retro Patchwork Large Capacity Crossbody Shoulder Bags

For me, the retro fashion bag is a bridge between the present and the past. What do you think of retro fashion packages?

Creative Audio Shape Women Crossbody Bag

What is this fashionable bag in the picture? Recorder, right? This looks very intuitive, and anyone who has touched it can recognize it at a glance.

Creative Audio Shape Women Crossbody Bag

With the advent of mobile phones, tape recorders, radios, MP3, MP4, and other things gradually disappeared. At that time, I might not realize that there is anything worth watching about the recorder. When it disappeared in my life, I found that a stylish bag with the appearance of a tape recorder was not bad. It is very suitable for eccentric girls as daily wear.

Vintage Large Capacity Leather Crossbody Shoulder Bag

Wearing retro styles not only includes back-to-basics in appearance, but also a color that is also a classic representative color of retro style. It is dark yellow.

Vintage Large Capacity Leather Crossbody Shoulder Bag

I usually choose dark yellow with uneven colors. In this way, the retro style it gives people is a little stronger. For the design of this cross shoulder bag, I rarely pursue novel or unique styles, as long as the tailoring is beautiful and generous.

Trendy Contrast Color Hasp Shoulder Bags With Handle

To be honest, I always think that I don’t have many artistic cells, so I dare not walk out of the safe zone easily. Color combination is a big problem for me. For this reason, I often choose pure color-related products such as black and white. After waiting for a long time, I will become bored.

Trendy Contrast Color Hasp Shoulder Bags With Handle

In the picture, this fashionable suede bag is combined in black, beige, and daisy green. This kind of contrasting colors is not only not weird but also looks very unique and beautiful. It’s still summer, and I have no chance to use it. In winter, it must be nice to carry this bag when wearing a black coat.

Fashion Bow Houndstooth Handbags Women

Next, this female bag, I admit that I did not like at first. Because I don’t like girly products like pink and bows. Later, I fell into the true fragrance’s law.

Fashion Bow Houndstooth Handbags Women

Houndstooth-style ladies’ bags have gentle, elegant, and intellectual characteristics, which are very suitable for young urban women to choose from. There is nothing special about a single houndstooth product.

To be different, this cross shoulder bag puts a large white bow in the middle area as decoration. This time, instead of feeling the bow annoying, I was very angry. It is very suitable for girls like me who don’t like girly products. Are you?

Fashion Silk Scarf Decor Chain Ladies Shoulder Bags

My female cross shoulder bag option excludes black series products and white series products, so the gray series of female bags will inevitably jump to the first place. Pure gray female bags may not have black premium. It is more biased towards everyday life.

Fashion Silk Scarf Decor Chain Ladies Shoulder Bags

So I usually choose products with other decorations on the package, such as the silk scarf element on the shoulder strap in the picture, which can add a little highlight to the dull whole.

Korean Style Solid Rhombic Bag With Chain

In the past, I rarely buy emerald green products. I always feel that this style of bag is a bit old-fashioned, not suitable for young girls like me, more suitable for older mature and calm women.

Korean Style Solid Rhombic Bag With Chain

But this year I found that I can manage it too. As long as I avoid the conservative women’s bags in pure emerald green, I choose women’s packages with a prismatic appearance and thick links as a foil.

The nine cross shoulder bags here are all products that I have selected through repeated comparisons on the Wholesale7. Because the purchase channel is a wholesale store, you can buy all at a lower price. It’s affordable. You can also try this method! Want to learn more about women’s outfits? Welcome to click here.


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