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Style Tips For Your Off Shoulder Tops And Dresses

With the hottest season around the corner, cool off-shoulder tops and dresses will surely become an important part of your wardrobe. Compared to the bare breast and backless, showing off the collarbone seems to be accepted more easily. Off-shoulder has a history of more than a hundred years. In the 19th century, off-shoulder skirt has become a stylish and elegant piece for the ladies to attend the evening party. On the catwalks, lots of famous designers express that the passion for off-shoulder undiminished.

Alice McCall SS 2018

How to wear off-shoulder tops and dresses on the basis of our figure? Here we go.

Off-shoulder Tops

#1. Jeans

Pairing with uninhibited cowboy jeans will express romantic feminine and a sense of freedom, and girls of all ages can try it. If the advantage of your figure is legs, you can wear pencil pants.


#2. Hot Pants

Wearing off-shoulder tops with hot pants is a standard in summer, which looks youthful and hot.


The trendiest women must know how to use an off-shoulder top to match fashionable wide-leg pants. This is also suitable for women whose legs are not perfect to create a sexy style over the summer.


You can wear off-shoulder top to match all kinds of skirts, such as a miniskirt, pencil skirt, long skirt. Miniskirt can show your long perfect legs. A pencil skirt is a good way to highlight the advantage of A-type girls, but also suitable for X-type and H-type girls. A strapless top with a long skirt is full of resort style.


Overalls will certainly reduce the area of the skin you are exposed to and makes you stylish and casual.


Off-shoulder Dresses


Lively color print skirts are a good idea for holidays travel, especially hat a big fashion straw hat to match your long dress sitting on some beach.

From left to right: 

Floral Long Dresses 

Long Strapless Dresses 

Print Long Dresses


Flat-breasted girls can select off-shoulder dresses with flounces, which will make you look plump.


From left to right:

  Flounced Stripe Dresses

Strapless Short Dresses

Off Shoulder Wrap Dresses

#3.Simple Style

Plump girls can choose simple style dresses. They fit better for you to accentuate your graceful figure.

From left to right:

Off The Shoulder Short Dress

Boat Neck White Minidress

Sexy Lace Long Dresses


In short, the limitation of off shoulder tops and dresses is only whether you are satisfied with your clavicle and shoulders. How much you show depends entirely on your own acceptance and preference. Don’t feel discouraged for girls who do not confidently wear off-shoulder tops and dresses. You know that there are still lots of suitable items for you.


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