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Cropped Lounge Pants: Dos and Don’ts

Many men have countless shoes and styles throughout the year, but there are always only a few pairs of cropped lounge pants. I find it hard to understand why men focus on the importance of shoes and ignore the existence of trousers. Are pants not important? Not at all. It’s so important.

men's pants

Pants are not just a symbol of men’s taste. It also has an even more important role in trimming your legs, making them look longer. One point we must remember that is all related to the lower half of the man’s problems can not be ignored!

men's trouser

Cropped lounge pants have become one of the must-have men’s fashion items beyond jeans. If we don’t match the right styles or colors, they can affect the overall look, including the shoes we wear underfoot. So, how should we choose the right casual pants to avoid stepping on thunder? Here’s a look at the characteristics of decent slacks:

The Color Of Casual Pants

From what I’ve observed, black is the color of choice for men when buying cropped lounge pants. Because black is widely believed to be versatile and slim. Personally, black slacks do have their standout advantages.

brown cropped pants

But, the majority of men’s tops are also black or white. If your wardrobe is a mix of black and white, you’re going to look monotonous in the future. So, the casual pants of the black series are good again, while cannot be a greedy cup.

Of course, if you have a handsome face, you can ignore this. Good looks can make up for these problems. It’s just a joke. Don’t take it too seriously. Handsome guys have to dress up as well.

grey cropped pants

Except for the black color, men’s cropped lounge pants can be appropriately added to some other colors, such as elegant khaki, mysterious navy blue, etc. We don’t recommend black but don’t wear anything too fancy. Men’s fashion can show clean, neat, and comely characteristics have exceeded the aesthetic level of many people.

The Pockets Of Men’s Casual Pants

Did you consider the importance of pockets when you bought cropped lounge pants? Most people can think of things like color, shape, and length. Only a few people notice the small, insignificant detail of a pocket. Isn’t it? We must pay attention in the future.

Men's Pants Pockets

Generally speaking, cropped lounge pants with diagonal pockets on the front are classic. The opening is at a 45-degree Angle and is just deep enough to hold the palm of your hand so that It’s easy for us to get cell phones, car keys, etc.

Pants Pockets

At the back of casual pants, choose a pocket with single stitching is good. This design keeps the back of the pants nice without looking too feminine. Oh, and one thing men should be careful about when choosing cropped lounge pants is to avoid those with no pockets on the back. The back pocket seemingly useless, while distinguishes it from some women’s pants.

Hip Position

Is it only women’s buttocks that are attractive to men? Are men’s buttocks hormonally attractive to women?

Hip Position

Studies have shown that men with sexy buttocks do indeed attract more attention from women. Having a well-grooving buttock is not only a sign of sexual attraction, but it’s also a sign of strength. Women tend to be attracted to strong men.

If we choose a pair of cropped lounge pants that enhance the curve of our hips, women will automatically give you points. What kind of casual pants can enhance the curve of the hips? The answer must be to find a pair of pants that fit the size, not the roomy look of hip-hop.

Trouser Legs

In recent years, the most popular type of cropped lounge pants for men has been the pencil version. Pencil pants are designed to make the legs look very straight and long.

Trouser legs

At the same time, it also has obvious disadvantages. Too long slacks can have the opposite effect, making you look thin and unpowerful overall. When choosing plants, it’s best to choose ankle-length slacks.

Trouser legs2

Besides, trouser leg size should also pay attention to. The scope of the pant leg should not be too large, also should not be too small. In general, the most friendly version should be about a centimeter or two wider than the ankle. If you’re shopping in a physical store, be sure to try it on yourself. If you are buying online, you need to know your size.

Cropped Lounge Pants Fabric

A good pair of cropped lounge pants are often made of fabric! What kind of fabric is suitable for casual pants? We recommend fabrics made of cotton. The higher the cotton content of casual pants, the more comfortable to wear. If you can’t measure it, you’ll need at least 95% of your pants to pass. Only the casual pants made of this kind of fabric are comfortable, soft, sweat absorption, and breathable.


Also, it is best to add a certain amount of spandex to the fabric. The role of spandex is to increase the elasticity of casual pants so that we do squats, splits, and other large movements that will not appear tight.

Here are five things to pay attention to in cropped lounge pants, including their color, pockets, fabric, and so on. If you want to look your best in slacks, you must pay special attention to the above requirements. Want to know more about what men wear? Click here to read more.


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