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Depending on Ethiopian rich cultural heritage, Fikirte Addis is creating modern and everyday clothing, who is a fashion designer and the founder of Yefikir designs. And with the advancement process of modernization, Ethiopia clothing market is full of a large number of “overly modernized” fashion. Actually Ethiopia is a multi-ethnic country with a colorful fashion design and manufacturing tradition. In this case, a lot of people in Ethiopia are becoming more and more fond of traditional style clothes. Companies like Yefikir have flourished in Ethiopia owing to the relatively low start-up costs, and absence of big chain department stores, set against the high prices individuals are willing to pay for quality, traditionally made fashion garments.

Fashion Designer Fikirte Addis

Fashion Designer Fikirte Addis

“It’s important that [customers] have a touch of culture that still exists in the modern world and it doesn’t have to be too cultural or too modern,” says Addis. And she also think Ethiopia is a place rich in cotton which is part of creating jobs and using the talented embroiders and weavers. So they should focus on locally produced materials because it will make the clothing unique and valuable.

Fikirte Addis at Africa Fashion Week

Fikirte Addis at Africa Fashion Week

In fact, Ethiopian fabrics are well-known for their uniqueness, complication and colorfulness. Yefikr Design is basically known for turning this fabric into tailored made and fashionable designs without losing its cultural touch for the modern day women. Fikirte trusts, “It is important for me not to lose the connection I have to my culture, just giving it a modern twist and bringing it to the international fashion arena”. The designs are to give comfort with style and the primary fabrics used in all her designs are handmade cotton. Fikirte got her inspiration from the Ethiopian culture and vibrant environment to express the everyday life of the people. She designs from casual to wedding dresses primarily for women.

Fikirte Addis

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