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Ten Fashion Tips For You To Change Your Life – Begin Our Stylish Life

Occasionally fashion tips seem that everyone has tried-and-true style suggestion they swear by honestly. So we prepare 10 best way for you to begin your most stylish life.

1. If you get an oil stain on your favorite coat or bag, markingwith baby powder to make it stand overnight. In the morning, the stain will be If a little still keeps, repeating the process until the stain is absolutely left.

Chic Korean Dull Polish Street Out Shoulder Bag

Chic Korean Dull Polish Street Out Shoulder Bag

2. Howto keep diamonds sparklingat home: an old toothbrush and liquid dishwasher detergent.

3. It is Lycra that iswell-fitting for our everyday clothes. The formulas to look for: 5% Lycra spandex/95% cotton for T-shirts, and it is necessary with2% Lycra for jeans shape.

Euro Style Printed Bat Sleeve Loose Knit Blouse

Euro Style Printed Bat Sleeve Loose Knit Blouse

4. Want to knowthe quality of your cashmere? See if garmentsnaps back by gently stretching its body .

5.Stay away from whole grainsand dairy before a big event within five day, which help you do a lot on the digestive system.

6. Cashmere is best washed by handno matterwhat says on the tag. Use a salad spinner to dry it, which will release excess water in a short time.

Pure Cashmere Sweater

Pure Cashmere Sweater

7. Removingred wine stainsby white wine.

8. Before taking new jeansto the tailor, you are supposed to wash them because they will always shrink in length in the course of being washed.

9.To stop mohairor angora from shedding, you can fold the garment and place it into a zip-top bag and freeze it for more than three hours.

10.Keep awayodors from vintage or thrift clothing by spritzing them with a mixture of two parts water and one part vodka.


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