The Cheapest Way To Travel The World
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Our Dream: The Cheapest Way To Travel Around The World

I want to travel around the world, but I have no enough money to do that. Do you always complain about it? Actually you should find the cheapest way here, and you will realize it is not pretty hard to make it come true.

Work Overseas

Couldn’t make enough money at your job? How about getting a job overseas? As long as you are not captious, lots of opportunities are afforded for you. And it is of no moment because it’s just a way for travel to earn money. And you can take these works into account:

  • Teach English
  • Tour guide
  • Cruise ship worker
  • Casino worker
  • Seasonal worker at ski resorts
  • Yacht worker
  • Au pair
  • Bartender
  • Hostel worker
  • Waitress/waiter
  • Farm worker

Look Free Flights

There are plenty of ways to seek it, and then fly for free. Lots of cards offer sign-up bonuses of 50,000 points — and When you sign up for both an airline card and a general rewards card such as the Chase Sapphire or AMEX card, you are able to combine the two point balances for gaining a cheap flight faster.

Travel Around The World

Utilizing Sharing Economy

You enable to discover quirky tour guides, rideshare options, cheaper accommodation, and home-cooked meals by local chefs. With the help of sharing economy, you can bypass the traditional travel industry and be familiar with locals using their skills and assets to be small tourism companies by cheaper prices. Furthermore, locals know which one is cheapest and where to discover it at the lowest prices. Talking with them directly gives you opportunity to save more money.

Travel By Hitchhike

It is comparatively safe and highly common in many parts of the world by a free way to get around destinations, including Eastern Europe, Australia, Central America, Scandinavia, and New Zealand.

Travel By Hitchhike

Cook Your Meals

Certainly to cook all your own meals is the best way to save your travel money. If you are Couch surfing, maybe your host will have a kitchen, as do many guesthouses, hostels, campsites. No kitchen? Pack your own silverware and container to make some sandwiches and salads on the go. Not every meal needs a stove right?

make some sandwiches and salads

Sleep In Large Dorms

The cheapest paid accommodation out there is the large hostel dorm rooms. This is your next best way to save money on a place to sleep if Couchsurfing isn’t your thing.

Get City Tourist Cards

If you hope to appreciate lots of sights in a city, you shall obtain a city tourism card, which affords you discounted and free chance to the major museums and attractions, as well as free public transportation.

Use Student & Other Discount Cards

If you a student, teacher, or under 26, welcome to the world of 50%-off attractions and a plethora of discounts. Get a student/teacher/youth card and save big!

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