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These Fashion Trends For 2019 Will Be Absolutely Huge

We’re officially into 2019. It’s in the recent past that I’ve shared the fashion best sellers of 2018 with you and this time, I am going to collate fashion trends for 2019 that will be huge in the months to come(or so popular right now).  If you have any fashion goals in 2019, these will surely help you organize your closet and put your best foot forward!

#1. Puff Sleeve

I don’t know if you’ve noticed that in the last few years, the fashion industry has really gotten into the puff sleeves. Actually, the puff sleeves have been hot in 2018, but the trend is set to intensify in 2019. From summer to winter, from short sleeves to long sleeves, the puff sleeves are indispensable and they are much more friendly to people with wider shoulders and larger skeletons.

Puff Sleeve In 2019

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Puff Sleeve Ruffles Long Sleeve Dress

② Puff Sleeve Ruffles Tie-wrap Chic Blouse

③ Puff Sleeve Zipper Up Green Coat

#2. Structured Handle Bag

The structured design is edgy and polished. If you are not sure how to upgrade your look, start by a structured handle bag. It adds a bold touch to any outfit. It will be the “it” accessory in 2019.

Structured Handle Bag

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① Alligator Print Handbag

② Crocodile Grain Solid Hand Bag

③ Pretty Shoulder Bag For Women

#3. Utility

Utility and military wear come back in fashion. It means that functions are combined with fashion and expect to see plenty of khaki, patch pockets, and cargo pants. The trend is bold, comfortable, and refreshing. If you haven’t tried this style before, try it in 2019.

Utility and military wear

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① Camouflage High Waisted Trouser 

② Camouflage Cargo Pants For Women

③ Contrast Color 2 Piece Sets

#4. New Suits

There’s no quicker way to be more glamorous and radiant than a new suit. Although suits have been popular for a few seasons, they are still going to be big in 2019. The choice of suits is also becoming more diverse, from prints to bold tones. Pay attention to the rise of short suits and skirt suits.

New Suits

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① Fitted Solid Women Blazer

② Sweet Pearl Button Lapel Suit

③ Single-Breasted Female Blazer

#5. Bows

One of the most feminine trends this season is the bows. If you’ve noticed the red carpet of the Golden Globe Award concluded recently, you may know that celebs love bows so much, such as Charlize Theron and Danai Gurira.

Golden Globe Award

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① Tie-wrap Bow Tie Collar Solid Blouse

② Dots Bow Mock Neck Fitted Dress

③ Pointed Bow Closed Toe Heels


What do you think of these fashion trends 2019? Leave your opinions in the comments section.


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