Here Are The Fashion Best Sellers of 2018 Sorted Out
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Here Are The Fashion Best Sellers of 2018 Sorted Out

This year is drawing to close and do you remember what fashion items you’ve bought in 2018? Recently, the largest fashion search platform Lyst announced the Year in Fashion 2018. After collecting hundreds of millions of data from major brands and social media in the world, it rounded up the top 10 global best sellers in the 2018 fashion world based on the volume of search and sales demand worldwide. Check out these fashion best sellers of 2018.

10. Cropped Hoodies

From Bella Hadid to Hailey Bieber, Kylie Jenner to Jennifer Lopez to it girls, many celebrities were obsessed with cropped hoodies through the year. Cropped hoodies were on the fashion runways, lookbook, and street style in the past year, continually. They are easy-matching and you can wear them with some leisure items such as leggings, jeans, bike shorts, and slacks.

Cropped Hoodies Style

9. Sensible Sandals

Sandals are particularly hot this summer. From old-school Birkenstocks to dramatic Crocs, they are much favored by the designers. And, of course, block-heeled sandals. This heat can continue until this winter, with the addition of a pair of socks.

Crocs Street Style

8. Bike Shorts

Bike Shorts are one of Kardashian favorite this year. Thanks to the promotion of Kardashian, these shorts have risen all the way this year. But frankly, bike shorts are not as easy-matching as jeans. The better way to wear them is to match tops covers half the length of bike shorts.

bike shorts street style

7. Skinny Jeans

If there is any fabric that will never out of fashion, it is denim. Skinny jeans are not new but classic in fashion. While cropped and mom jeans have been popular this year, skinny jeans are still one of the fashion best sellers this year.

skinny jeans street style

6. Tiny Sunglasses

It’s time to throw away your old and big sunglasses. Tiny sunglasses became a favorite of celebrities and fashion influencers. Wherever they go and whatever they wear, a pair of tiny sunglasses is must-have and it’ll make the look next level.

tiny sunglasses street style

5. Slides

With sandals are not enough, many fashion influencers get hooked on slides. Nowadays, slides are not one of home supplies but a fashion item welcomed by the fashion world. You can pair them with lots of clothes such as dresses, short & long pants and so on.

slides street style

4. Puffers

It is possible that those fashion insiders finally realized the importance of keeping warm so that they all put on puffers this winter. The design of puffers became much chic than before and it’ll be better to wear that choose short puffers.

puffers street style

3. Leggings

Whether it’s Kendall Jenner or Selena Gomez, leggings have been continuously seen in their street style. Except for the gym, more and more fashion icons select leggings as one of fashion items for their look through the year.

leggings street style

2. Belt Bags

Belt bags are one of the huge trends this year, admittedly. Whether it’s supermodels on the runway, hipsters on the street, or pop stars, people are turning to wear a belt bag to treat it as the latest item to upgrade the look. You can tie it around your waist or cross it over your shoulder.

belt bags street style

1. Ugly Sneakers

Although the sneakers have not yet ebbed, they are becoming “ugly” and become the most stylish and versatile item. Ugly sneakers are everywhere and they won’t look weird, no matter match what.

ugly sneakers street style


How many of these fashion best sellers do you have? Comment and share how do you match them.


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