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Grab The 2019 Neon Colors Fashion Trend And Find Your Own Style

The eye-catching, hot and dangerous fluorescent neon colors really look great. Choosing sour green, soft neon, pink or electric blue clothes will make you stand out from the crowd. In fact, these colors are very beautiful, feminine, and add an appeal to your style. They highlight your bright personality and the goal of pursuing the latest trends. However, whenever you choose one of these colors, be sure not to overuse the latter, as there may be risks in looking like three-color traffic lights. Pair these colors with simpler and softer tones to create a contrast. Wear a brightly colored neon color on the part of the body you most want to define, because once the color appears in the area, it does pay attention first. When it comes to today’s color trends, neon is one of the most lovable and vibrant colors that make you look really fascinating. It’s important to combine the costumes in a clever way to make them look more perfect.

When choosing neon clothes, you need to be honest with yourself. No matter what the trend today is, you will only become fashionable when it suits you. You need to try different shades, check the mirror, and feel. You will definitely find products that suit your skin tone and body. The W7 offers a variety of neon-colored outfits, and there is always something for you. If you’re bold, neon clothes is a great way to make your summer look more stylish. If you are more restrained, you can learn how to wear neon colors according to the following tips:

  • Use black or neutral and neon to balance bold and bright tones.


  • Do not use too many accessories in these vivid colors. For example, don’t match bracelets and hoops with neon mini skirts.


  • In most cases, the neon color of the lower part is not very good, because the focus is not on your face. Especially if your thighs are not slender, it will amplify the shortcomings of your lower body. The conservative method is to wear the neon color in the upper body and the lower body in the dark tone.


  • Dark black tights are the most effective. Wear these tights, your tops or neon loose dresses can choose any neon color, you will have a charming look.

  In short, it is important to match your outfit. If you don’t know how to combine colors, go to classic white or black. Combine neon colors with white or black and you’ll have the perfect look.

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