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How much do you master of New York Fashion Week

As one of four major fashion weeks in the world, New York Fashion Week is held in February and September of each year, which is semi-annual series of events ( it’s generally lasting 7–9 days).

Right here, we know that this years’ New York Fashion Week is just a few days away, so here I’ve put together a guide to make sure your experience is amazing always.

Be don’t worry if you aren’t headed to Fashion Week this season — I’m including ways for you to follow them! Stay updated with live streams here, to find photos from each show here. With direction season’s fashion show, I’m going to share you more show in fashion from Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Zara……

this years’ fashion bag & color made: Easy to carry in a small size.


Recommended models: Sponge Bob Printed Handbags. 13.33 US$


Sparkly elements are used widely you can got:


For us person, most of us are more likely to pick a related fashion dress close to fashion, rather than themselves.

So I offer you the following choices:

  1. Club Open Back Sparkly Dresses


2. Fashion Tassel Sparkly Dresses


3. Noble Sexy V Neck Sparkly Dresses


These are my collection today~

Soooooo see you next time. Be Back to me you guys! All I hope you can enjoy these experience sharing and once you’re going to fashion week I hope it helps you a lot! Besides, If you have any questions about fashion week, do remember to leave them in the comments here below and I make sure to answer them in my next post!

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  • Dernell

    Det er gode nyheder for de youtube elskere, så de kan nyde mere på youtube. Jeg har hørt, at de fleste af alle meseenknr i verden som at søge efter alle video på youtube meste.

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