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Halloween Lucky Pumpkin Games

Lucky Pumpkin Games


Wholesale7’s Halloween Lucky Pumpkin Games are designed to deliver a ghoulishly fun game with all the trappings coupons of Halloween party.

pumpkin game page


How To Play

Every account will have 5 chance to click the pumpkin every day, share the link during the facebook get one more chance.

lucky pumpkin game rule


The game is very simple and can be done easily by everyone. When you enter the pumpkin game’s page, a beautiful cartoon will be displayed in front of you. Haunted houses, big trees, coffins, etc., all have different pumpkins, choose the one you like! Just click on the one and you can open the Pandora’s box. What rewards you can get depends on your luck!


Gift Packs

Opportunity to open coupons directly. There are also pumpkins, and then you can redeem the pumpkins to redeem the rewards. Of course, there is also “empty” , get nothing. Hahaha……

exchange the get packs list


Join the Lucky Pumpkins Game from wholesale7.net and see how your luck is!




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